Diversity Builder

I Totally LOVE Diversity Builder!

Have personally used their services - they do GREAT work and I enjoy working with them. Amazing group of talented professionals: Bravo!!!

Diversity Builder, Inc., was started as a resource for LGBT+ people who were seeking services that supported their desire to live happy, fulfilling lives. The diversity directory included businesses and healthcare providers that agreed to be inclusive of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Breaking barriers of discrimination and promoting inclusion is the core of Diversity Builder’s mission and vision.

LGBT Diversity Training

Every Diversity Builder training is transgender-inclusive. The diversity trainers understand the societal challenges faced by trans people and work to demystify anti-trans bias. The anticipated outcomes include employee realization that trans people have valuable insight and perspectives, that identifying as transgender is just one part of their diversity intersectionality and walking away from the training knowing how to communicate in a respectful and inclusive manner. Diversity Builder offers one on one coaching for employees who need additional development or wish to focus on a specific skillset.

Employee Coaching

In coaching individual employees who have expressed bias against trans people, Diversity Builder’s trainers work diligently to breakdown the myths, stereotypes, and forms of discrimination directed at people who have varying gender identities and gender expressions. It may start with awareness and sensitivity and then progress to intentional inclusion. Trans people are an asset for organizations and Diversity Builder recognizes the importance of educating employees and managers about issues trans individuals experience while working. Everyone deserves a safe workplace where they are treated with dignity and respect.

Courses and Training Options

Diversity Builder is an LGBT+ owned and operated business based in Nashville, Tennessee. The company offers customized training on diversity matters, including diversity in the workplace, harassment prevention, inclusive communication, bias training, emotional intelligence, gender equality training, and more. Courses are offered as instructor-led in person, interactive online, individual coaching, and extend to diversity consulting. Diversity Builder is our go-to training company for any topic related to diversity or employee development.