PMMA Hydrogel Injection Scams and Warnings


Common PMMA & Hydrogel Booty Scams

Neither PMMA, Hydrogel or Silicone injections are legal in the United States. You must travel to either Mexico or Brazil for such procedures. This situation opens the door for lots of shady characters to pick your pocket or ruin your health - or both - if you’re not knowledgable or unprepared.

SCAM #1: The recommended practitioner

One of the most common on-line scams relating to getting PMMA or Hydrogel injections in the US is where a scammer posts a photo of gal much prettier and more shapely than yours truly and brags about the results she achieved from some “doctor”.

PMMA Hydrogel Scams

In reality, “she” is the scam artist using a stolen photo from around the web. The next step is extracting your hard-earned money from you using a myriad of options detailed amongst the rest of the scammers tools in the sections below.

SCAM #2: One-Half Down

One of the most common techniques used by scammers is to develop an estimate for you on what your injections would cost based upon the increased size you’re hoping to achieve from what sounds like fair pricing from a price list the scammer supplies. Injectables are usually priced based upon the number of CC’s you’re wanting to inject.

They’ll follow with a request for a down payment on your procedure to cover the purchase cost of your materials, etc. If you were talking to a verifiable licensed clinic in the US this would be understandable - its common practice to require a patient to invest a down payment into securing their procedure. Alas, this is only a person you’re talking with on the phone or emailing from the internet.

There is no procedure, there is no practitioner - just a scammer trying to steal your money.

Move on!

SCAM #3: The bait and switch

Another common practice of the scammers is unlicensed silicone injection operators touting that their material as hydrogel or PMMA.

In actuality?

Ninety percent of the time its industrial grade silicone that’s being injected directly into your body. The smoothest ones buy that stuff in five gallon buckets and fill smaller applicators with injector tubes labeled as PMMA or Hydrogel.

What makes this most challenging to spot is that the results from such a low grade injection often takes months or a few years to become apparent. You might have even had a trusted friend introduce you to this scammer - they’re loving the results - unaware of the poison already implanted into their body.

SCAM #4: The unknown filler

Along the same lines as the bait & switch is the custom blend. The array of fillers that have been injected into people’s bodies that became apparent after the scammer is eventually caught is mind-boggling - I’m talking baby oil, industrial silicone, crazy glue - all sorts of bizarre concoctions these “wanna-be” doctors created under the guise of beauty enhancement.