Brazilian Butt Lift Injections

Hips & Buttocks augmentation for transgender women is not a quick fix. Almost every option is fraught with as many potential problems as solutions.

I got extensive hip and buttocks augmentation through injection of Hydrogel and PMMA. It took multiple international trips and sessions spread out over ten years to achieve the results I was after. I’ve had no complications or related issues and I’m very pleased with that work.


Adding any sort of foreign material directly into your body & bloodstream isn’t the healthiest thing a human could do. It was this same substance (silicone) running loose through women’s bodies from ruptured implants that caused silicone breast implants to be removed from the market for many years.

It should be a requirement that any girl watch a video or live surgery of a trans-girl setting loose silicone removed before she getting any such injections.
It’s disgusting! These elements can float loosely in your body and cause tumors. They also often fall with gravity into a centralized spot like the ankles and cause a look known as - elephant ankles - not fun!

Additionally, some people have been known to suffer toxic shock following the administering of injections - and die.

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