The Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) Decision for Transsexual

Gender Reassignment Surgery is a tricky subject. Girls just starting transition are sometimes adamant about not never getting SRS - for all the wrong reasons. Likewise, other gals get obsessed with completing this aspect for equally problematic conclusions.

Gender reassignment surgery is often the pinnacle accomplishment in a lifelong struggle to finalize nature’s mistake from being born transsexual.

However, it’s not for everyone and some girls end up regretting having hurried into that decision.

Getting SRS or GRS is a monumental moment in the lives of many transgender women. However, it won’t have near the positive impact on your life or self-image as having breast implants. If you haven’t done that yet? I would strongly suggest you get them done first.

There is no perfect path - only the one that’s ideal for

The Bottom Line

Transsexual expression and evolution is a most personal journey. It’s not sex based - it’s much deeper. There’s a lot of valid reasons for getting the final surgery. There’s also a path between these lines. The final choice is up to the particulars of the transsexual woman.

Chapters in This Section include:

Reasons to get Gender Reassignment Surgery
Reasons NOT to Get Sexual Reassignment Surgery
Making Like Work as a Non-Op Transsexual

Other Chapters in This Section include:
Gender Reassignment Surgery
FFS Facial Feminization Surgery
Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transgender Women
MTF Transsexual Breast Enlargement
Injecting Silicone for Transsexual Women
Brazilian Hips and Buttock Enlargement
Transsexual Erections and Sexual Pleasure
Exercise, Fitness and Diet for Transsexual Women