MTF Transsexual Breast Enlargement Tips

Transsexual Breast implants

Breast Augmentation Transsexual

I got my breast implants at the same time I did my
FFS facial work - saline incased silicone (all-silicone wasn’t legal yet), over the muscle in a full C-Cup. They were installed beneath the breast and a small scar shows if I’m laying flat and naked: big deal!

Transgender Breast Augmentation Tip #1

Focus on breast symmetry vs. nipple symmetry
This was the best decision I made in this
regard? I didn’t worry about nipple symmetry - I wanted breasts that looked very natural in a camisole blouse without a bra versus that typical “spread out” look common with most breast implants. Thus, my breast look very non-implant without a bra compared to most ladies: best decision I ever made!

We already face scrutiny by people trying to determine if we’re trans at thee onset. Breast implants - that look like implants? Are always a dead giveaway.

Transgender Breast Augmentation Tip #2

Go as large as you can - without going over the top.
Because of or typically wider shoulders and broader rib cages, we need a little larger rack to help offset our male features when compared to a comparably sized female counterpart.
Most women - trans or otherwise regret not going just a bit larger with their implants. Thus, I’d suggest going one size larger than you think will look just right for optimal post-surgery satisfaction.

Transgender Breast Augmentation Tip #3

Steer clear of getting Stripper Tits
Large breasts are sexy and visually appealing.
Extra large tits?
They draw flies and the sort of attention you probably don’t need or want. Unless your frame is extra large, steer clear of oversized breasts: DD’s, EE’s, etc. They’re rarely worth all the trouble that comes with them.

Transgender Breast Augmentation Tip #4

Let the HRT do its job
I’m assuming you’ve probably already been on female hormone replacement therapy for awhile. If so, you’ve probably achieved an early-teen sized platform to expand upon for your new enlargements - at the least.
Hormone Induced Breasts

If you haven’t yet? I would wait to get breast augmentation - you need enough developed tissue in place to make the end result look natural.

Transgender Breast Augmentation Tip #5

Allow Time to Do its Job
Some gals aren’t immediately satisfied with their outcomes from breast enlargement. Keep in mind: time will change the way they look - usually for the better.
Transgender Breast Augmentation Tip 3
The skin will stretch over time and create a more natural, less tense look and feel. Gravity will do its job: they’ll start to hang in a more natural manner in the years ahead. Also, in concert with either your HRT regimen or GRS - your body will begin storing any extra fat in this area - resulting in a softer more appealing breast.
Time - is the great healer of almost all human insufficiencies.

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