Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


The Definition of a Successful Gender Transition

In today's world of immediate access to on-line pharmacies providing HRT without a prescription & hoards of gender-bender tips sites, transition is easier than ever to begin. by far the simplest part.

“Finishing” transition?
Successful Transition a whole lot tougher.

In the best of circumstances, a gender transition is
very difficult. However, if you’re forced to start your journey as a fairly masculine guy as I did? It's extremely challenging.

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The Final Analysis on Transition

I'm going to be straight with you. If you're not naturally slim, trim & femme? Successfully transitioning
won't be easy. In fact? Finishing transition when you're starting so far out in the rough is sometimes almost impossible. If I had to do it over again? I couldn’t: it nearly killed me and I'm convinced I used-up all my nine-lives. I wouldn’t wish such a tough journey on my worst enemy: it’s that overwhelming.

However, I’ve witness girls that were only 5’2 and naturally stunning fail miserably at a gender transition against an oversized gal standing 6’5. Why’s that? It’s because the most important prerequisites for success have almost nothing to do with your physical stature.

I’m happier now: more joyful than ever before. The process of getting where I am today: of finishing transition? That was brutal.

How do we "finish" transition?

Good question.

Some gals envision a lovely appearance and operating seamlessly as a woman in society to be the pinnacle of their journey. Others earmark GRS as the big finish-line. Without a doubt, being complete in this latter manner creates a less drama-filled life as a transsexual female. Honestly? It's difficult to move beyond the haphazard lifestyle of a trans-woman to that of a balanced female without this final step. However, in today's world of ultra-easy access to information & resources on transition, we're witnessing a growing number of gals that race to this conclusion and haven't yet found total balance & acceptance in their new gender. Thus, GRS can most correctly be defined as a step...
not a pinnacle.

Personally? I don't characterize “finishing” transition by any physical criterion. Thus, how do we define the completion of a successful gender change?

Simple: we achieve a happy & healthy post-transition life as a woman.

I repeat...if and when you develop a happy & healthy life in your new gender: you won!

Becoming a Woman…who happens to be transgender

Evolving from a Transgender Woman to a “woman - who happens to be transgender is a very long road but your biggest and most important aim.

It requires
confidence in your new gender and the ability to not get rattled if and when you’re called out negatively for being trans; it requires comfort in your new gender - enough experience to kindly deal with every situation faced by women; it requires appropriateness in your style and presentation - the rules of female edict are well established - to make this work you’ve got to know them by heart.

Along with these personal goals you must also rebuild “a life” - with home, friends and family, a career and a love-life.

This entire process usually takes about ten years to
complete - where you enjoy a fulfilling post-transition existence.