Earlier Stage Gender Transition and Love

We all know
this can be a very lonely path when it comes to love - particularly during that first five years when we’re intently “refining” and evolving. Personally? I was delusional when it came to love after I started transition. I always thought transsexual women were - like - the hottest creatures on the planet. I didn’t realize much of that sexualization doesn’t equate to finding real love. When I was only a part-time girl and first learning to flex my female sexuality? It was fine - even preferred - that a man or woman only wanted a discreet roll in the hay. Subsequently? That - just didn’t work.

If you're still buried in the process of transition, it's often tough to develop a worthwhile loving union. However, it's a good time to do some preliminary exploring - as long as you don't accumulate emotional scars in that discovery.
Transgender Lonliness

The good news? Things ultimately improve.
Why’s that? Simple - eventually we’re much more confident, get a decent job, and present ourselves more appropriately. How could it not go better with that sort of improved platform?

There are a handful of exceptions to any rule - we certainly find them here, as well.

Relationship Success Models During Early Stage Gender Transition

The best example of quality love before “the decade rule” is those trans-women that stayed committed / married to their wife they were with before transition. While those couples often endured a heap of new marriage challenges - in the end? They still enjoyed a quality love relationship.

For those of us whose marriage
didn’t survive transition or were never married? It’s rare to develop a high quality loving union until you’re stable “trans-wise”. Without that stability? We’re often hard for anyone to love.

The second example?

Some transgender-transgender love connections start during this phase of a trans-woman’s life. It’s often most natural to connect with another that so closely understands and sympathizes with our struggles. The hardest aspect of t
hese connections? If one girl stars getting further ahead or behind personally, emotionally or in physical development. This same opportunity and challenges exists between the other trans-trans connection - between a transgender male and transgender female, as well.

The final example?

If you’re into men and starting off fairly feminine, there’s a decent number of guys willing to love and support the right girl during
this process. The challenges are the same as the later stage girl. Finding a guy whose not actually closeted trans himself, a pervert and that you fully adore. Some guys offering such “support” aren’t the healthiest sorts. Too many trans-girls - struggling to survive in the face or transition reality - fall prey to men who promise to fulfill their dream: only to discover things are not as hoped.

If you’re considering moving across the country to start your “happily married wife-life” with a guy you’ve only met face-to-face a few times and most of your love connection is developed on-line and via phone?
Well…I hope you understand how unlikely it is that will work out. ((hugs))

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