Final Tips for Total Stealth for Transsexual Women

Still getting read more often than you would like?

Don’t feel bad: it happens. In fact, with the increased awareness of trans-women, it will continue to happen the rest of most of our lives.

The key to
not getting read as often remains the same for all of us:

Six Stealth Essentials for TS Women

Confidence: This is the most important attribute. It takes time to achieve.
Classy & Age Appropriate Fashion: A look that’s appropriate to your age, the event and your features is a huge key to stealth.
Suitable Make Up: As with fashion, this changes based upon your age and features. Always look to improve!
A Decent Female Voice: We rarely get this exactly where we want but its terrible when we hate using our voice.
Healthy Hair: A healthy mane creates a better look. If you don’t own such hair naturally? Wear a wig, clips or extensions.
A Friendly Smile: Women smile - at each other and much more often than men. If you’re not smiling? You’re getting stared at for all the wrong reasons!

There’s also a couple of habits I find helpful for beginning trans women, including:

Proper Feminine Sway of Hips for Transsexuals

Learning to unconsciously walk and sway like a woman is another essential skill you should have mastered by now. When I first started? I swished like a very gay-guy - not like a born-woman.
Stealth Confidence

What’s the difference. Flaming gay gay’s
consciously swing. Women sway from the difference in how they walk vs. men.

What’s the difference? Women
lead with the thigh vs. foot - with each new step. This process results in shorter strides, the feet and heels staying closer to the ground, and it causes the hips to naturally sway as the thigh forward pulls the opposite side of the hip with each step. It’s not - and need not be - dramatic. However, it’s the sort of graceful movement you’ll want to master.

Dancing…like a woman

One other final skill I suggest you develop?

Learning to
dance decently as a woman. Men & women “dance” very differently. In actuality, dancing just exaggerates their in-born movements: men usually dance using the ‘ole “in & out” movement with the hips. Women dance moving from side-to-side.

How do you learn to sway your hips and body seductively on the dance floor? If most of your moves will be shared in a nightclub, I would suggest you buy and study a DVD you can get from Amazon entitled: “
Sexy Moves for the Club”. This course includes detailed instruction for women on the mechanics of alluring hip movements for the dance floor.

Have fun!

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