Tips for Choosing Your New Name as a Transsexual Woman

If your like many transsexual women - you’ve had more than one female “name” during your journey through transgender expression. Which name should you
go with if & when you proceed to full-time?

Often, transgender women select unique monikers that represent a hybrid of their new female identity & their old male version. That’s fun but not usually best.

What’s my advice?

Select a female name that’s
definitely female & easy to spell & pronounce.

Why is
that so important?

Choosing name

Simple: when you first transition to full-time, your voice is often your weakest tell-tale trait. You’ll usually feel insecure
using it often. If you choose a uniquely spelled name? You’ll likely have to repeat it more than once for people to get it right - perhaps with a more masculine inflection than you wish. Thus, if you have to spell or repeat your name during brief encounters you might get read for all the wrong reasons.

Also, “the phone” is one of the most challenging aspects to “pass” as female. If you call someone and begin your dialog with: This is Tammy Smith”…the person on the other end will almost always respond with the appropriate gender since Tammy is only known as a female moniker. If you called with a unique hybrid name, say: “Tamorrow Smith” & you still have a slightly husky or falsetto voice? You’re likely to get “Sir-ed” often. My given name was “Rayvon” - if I had integrated that into my current calling it would have probably become “Raynee” - which would mean I would have to repeatedly spell it and resolve pronunciation - at a time when I
wasn’t confident with my feminine voice.

Finally, avoid any “stripper” names like “Mercedes” “Bambi” or “Cherry”. Again, early-on you’ll be dealing with enough issues from your transition with family and your career. Owning a name that reinforces what many automatically assume about transgender works against you.

In summary, I would suggest:

  1. Choose a name that’s definitely female
  2. Avoid unique spellings to any name - if you’re thinking Temera - just go with Tammy.
  3. Avoid overly glamorous or “stripper” monikers

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