Penis Enhancement vs. Breast Enlargement

Why are men getting short-changed on penis enlargement?

On the surface? It sounds anything but fair. A woman born with A-minus cups easily ends up with large, supple DD-breasts.

A guy born with a smaller or average -ized penis? He’s told to just be happy with what nature gave him.
Breasts vs. Penis Enlargement


Why has the medical community been slow to accommodate the needs of men in this regard?

The answer is buried in the same reason a woman’s blouse costs so much more to clean than a man’s dress shirt at the dry cleaner - the underlying circumstances are very different.

A Penis is a Functional Organ

The biggest reason it’s challenging to achieve safe & effective penis enlargement compared to female breasts is that your penis is a vascular organ - dependent upon blood flow, urinary tract & nerve endings to function as needed. It goes through dramatic changes of state and is used vigorously at times. This tandem of circumstances makes any sort of implant far more complicated than a breast filler. If a penis only resided in a flaccid state and was used exclusively for urination and display, medical penis enlargement would have been accomplished long ago.

Non-Essential Surgery is Rarely Embraced

Another big reason?

Penis surgery is cosmetic - the medical community rarely supports new surgery concepts that don’t fall under medical necessity. If you’re expecting your GP or friendly specialist to encourage you to get such a procedure? You’re in for a disappointment.

That same attitude carries over into physicians in general - stifling innovation.

Demand Plays a Key Role

The lack of clear-cut demand on the part of men is a factor. Lets face it: how many men want to stand on a rooftop yelling about the need to resolve medical penis enlargement?

Whereas husbands and boyfriends were all too happy to support the idea of bigger breasts - women in opposite roles are far more timid about openly raising the question for their partners or spouses.

It’s a category that’s been slow to evolve.

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