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Permanent Penis Enlargement Surgery: Which One's Best?

You might be shocked to learn there’s a wide variety of options to consider when it comes to getting a bigger member that lasts a lifetime.

What’s less surprising?

Each one has pro’s & con’s.

Here, I’ll summarize the recognized techniques and review the related strengths & weaknesses of each
permanent penis enhancement technique.

Permanent Penis Enlargement Surgery Options

PMMA Injections for Penis Enlargement

We just covered this option - it’s popular but riskier than most these guys understand yet - I would pass!

Dr. Elist Penile Implant Reviews

If you search anything related to “penis enlargement” on Google, you'll likely became familiar with
Dr. Elist and his patented penile implant.

Dr. Elist did the very best job building his brand awareness and market penetration compared to others - by a long shot.

How he maintains his on-line reputation creates cause for serious hesitation. Buried in the fine print of his surgical intake papers is a clause stating a patient won't speak negatively to others about any failures - never mind how bad you experience. As patients have troubles - he sues them and gets Google to remove their comments from search results on-line. Not exactly the sort of open honesty most of us want to encounter when contemplating important surgery.

I include a detailed discussion of some of the realities regarding his results on a separate page:

Dr. Elist Silicone Implant Patient Reviews

Dr. Loria Platinum Procedure®

Dr. Loria built an excellent reputation from his Juvaderm-type filler injection penis enlargement service. If you look on the Phallobaords or talk with patients - the reviews on that product are mostly positive.

Unfortunately, that procedure isn’t a permanent outcome. It varies in terms of longevity - a few months to a couple of years.

Thus, Dr. Loria wisely worked to create a permanent procedure from his experience curve. He uses a proprietary blended of his temporary fillers plus an FDA approved lasting filler called Silikon-1000
®. Silikon-1000® is an oil-based filler - which means its highly viscose and challenging to stabilize upon injection. Its FDA approved as a face-filler - but an off-label usage for penile enhancement.

Long story short? This injectable is prone to eventually end up in lumps and / or unsightly striations by its very nature. It was ideally designed as a small surface filler - not a big bulking agent.

Reviews on this product aren’t very positive. When you add-in the big price tag?

This one’s not worth the money:
move on!

Fat Graft Penis Enlargement

The fat-graft is one of two enhancement procedures (along with ligament cutting) most popular with board-certified plastic surgeons that perform penile enhancement.

The problems with this older technique are three-fold. One, you only get more width - no additional length. Two, the fat tends to eventually clump - creating a bumpy, chunky penis that no girl will ever want to slide between her lips. Finally, the body often reabsorbs the over half the fat implant inside of a couple of years.

Unless you find a surgeon that will replacement guarantee you won’t face these two dismal outcomes? Pass on it.

Cutting Ligament for a Longer Penis

Cutting ligaments is the second most common variation of penis enhancement among cosmetic surgeons offering penile enhancement - even a few urologists offer this technique, as well.

Some, even add-on providing increased size via a fat graft.

The concept is fairly simple: by cutting the suspensory ligament that supports the penis you can get added length.

It’s not a great choice. First off, its fairly major surgery: cutting a ligament is no minor step. Recovery is often longer than most guys want. Second, the penis will contract if you don’t maintain a lifetime of stretching exercises. Thus, you end up even shorter than you started: ugh!

The combo procedure with a fat graft addresses a couple of the ligament-cutting shortcomings - but you still end up with the likelihood of long-term clumping and body reabsorption.

This technique is not the solution.

Rejuvall® Penis Enlargement Surgery

Rejuvall technique first caught my attention because I didn’t find any negative reviews about the outcomes: rare!

I struggled understanding exactly what they were doing until I staged a faked phone consult and spoke directly with the urologist.

Long story short, they use your own extracted fat as the bulking agent but developed a very clever solution to solve the clumping and reabsorption challenge normally associated with this filler. They also developed a way to also get length during the same procedure and recovery time is days not weeks.

This permanent penis enlargement technique definitely caught my attention!

Penis Enlargement: The Quick Fixes

Guess what? There’s lots of ways you can increase the size of your favorite family “member” without full surgery. There’s also several scams that try to extract your money in return for unfulfilled promises. As usual, there’s also few solutions you could define as in-between these extremes.

Lets review your non-surgical options:

Penile Size Increase from Weight Loss

What’s the easiest way to increase the size of your penis?

Simple: lose weight.

A reduction of fat around your pubic area not only makes your penis look bigger - but can actually add 1-2 inches in measurable length (depending on your level of obesity).

Definitely a great place to start!

Penis Enlargement Non-Surgical Injections

If the thought of surgery freaks you out - you can look at getting temporary injectable fillers as a means to increase the size of your penis. While none can provide increased erect penile length - they can and will make you longer & thicker while flaccid + wider when erect.

started with Hydrogel in my buttocks - which is also not permanent. The cool part was that it helped stretch the tissue for a bigger and better outcome when I added a permanent bulking agent later.

The challenge in this department is none of the "permanent" injectable fillers are available in the US as they're not considered safe for the penis. If you go off shore to get procedures as I did - you face lots of health risks if things go badly with few options for resolution: it's a role of the dice. I can attest to the fact they eventually create noticeable "nodules" under the flesh which you can detect to the tough. While this isn't a big deal within a large, round booty - would be a bit more disconcerting on an erect penis.

Also, a number of injectable providers in the United States have a habit of "overpromising" results in their marketing.

Two Simple Facts:
  • Injectables are not going to make you longer when erect.
  • No USA injectables are life-lasting

Penis Enlargement Steps

Jelqing for Increased Penis Length

“Jelqing” is the process of stretching the penis with your hand via a pulling technique not dissimilar to how some guys masturbate. Make no mistake: you can increase the length of your penis through stretching. The problem nobody shares with you about jelqing is it takes a lot of continuous effort and the technique makes you a prime future candidate for a bad case of Peyronie’s Disease.

I would pass - use a good quality pump if you plan to stretch.

Penis Pumps for a Longer Penis

Penis enlargement pumps work by creating a vacuum around your penis. As you intensify the pump pressure through strokes the resulting negative pressure inside the tube engorges your penis to its maximum size.
These actually work - although the benefits are temporary. Also, like any form of exercise, you must start slowly or you can blow-out an artery from the vacuum pressure. Also, for the same concerns with Peyronie’s Disease evolution discussing previously plus the added risk of color and shape distortion from lack of uniformity in pressure - I would strongly suggest you buy an FDA approved pump.

The pump’s most common role in penis-world isn’t enlargement - but rather: it serves as a low-cost solution to erectile dysfunction. Thus, high quality pumps are available.

Penis Enlargement Pills and Oils: Do they work?

Ever Since Benjamin Tabart shared “The History of Jack and the Bean-Stalk” in 1807 - society has been susceptible to a never ending charade of magic pills and potions that purport to resolve anything from hair growth to penis enlargement.

It’s not a shock such scams still exist. Its not surprising people still buy them. The biggest bombshell is the dollar volume: over $400,000,000 was wasted on such rip off’s.

There’s no pill that will make your dick bigger. Eating right and losing weight can result in weight loss and more rigorous erections - which is the shadow these vitamin supplements hide behind from a legal claims stand point.

Please don’t fall for these scams!!

Priopus® Shot for Penis Enlargement

Right next to penis pills for the biggest scam going for a larger penis is the Priopus
® Shot. This trademarked marketing business to improve cash-income for general practitioner MD’s and shot clinics loves to boast about the studies supporting its success. Alas, there’s really only one - a half-ass, eleven person analysis by an unaccredited medical school.

Guys who rave on the enlargement benefit from this scam are only naturally responding to the visible and implied benefits of any injection into the penis.

There are better options in this regard. Don’t waste your money!

Juvaderm / Aladerm Type Injections for Penis Enlargement

Dr. Loria built a successful business practice injecting men with these temporary filler and based upon some positive accounts from the Phallobaords - he seems to be doing a fairly good job of it.

His main landing page lists him as a leading "surgeon" - which feels a bit over the top since his listed credentials don't show any board certifications beyond homeopathic and hair transplants.

His claims about his process and technique inducing collagen growth that can equate to permanent results is a bit of a pipe-dream derived from similar statements among a few cosmetic surgeons using facial fillers on a repeat basis. Many say they’ve observed it happening but none have
proven that in a clinical study. If it were true? All the women I know who got repeated collagen injections in their face would look like 20-year-olds the rest of their life: not!!

I confirmed this farce with one of my DRAG daughters whose a leading surgeon at an esteemed institution.

That takes nothing away from the immediate opportunity it offers for a larger penis with almost zero recovery time and almost no risk. He would do better not stretching the truth with vulnerable men.

Next: What’s up with the Dr. Elist silicone mplant?