Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Women who first fell in love with a man who was actually transgender


I love him - thus I accept her

There’s a large number of transsexual women still married or in a committed union with a woman they first knew and loved “as a man” - who in turn stayed with them during transition and beyond.
For many of these women? There’s actually
no attraction to a lesbian union. In fact? That’s the most challenging initial aspect of staying in the union. However, most discover lots of additional obstacles after their man starts changing in earnest: inappropriate fashion, hormonal outbursts, the desire to flex her female sexuality - it’s a very long journey.
However, those couples I know that survived it and stayed together? They’re the most sound marriages I’ve
ever witnessed: trans or otherwise!
In the next section, I’ll review the challenges associated with this process in more detail since they apply to all female partners of transgender women.

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