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Why Most Transsexual Women Want their Penis Removed

Most people naturally attracted to transsexuals are drawn to the pre-operative configuration of a beautiful woman with a fully functional male penis. For these people? That imagery - that combination - totally does it for them.
Transgender Dating

Many of those same folks ask: why would a beautiful transsexual ever change that - since in their eyes? It’s what makes her such a special lady.

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Reasons Transsexual Women Want GRS

First off, lets clarify something in case you don’t already know. During GRS, her penis isn’t “cut off”. Rather a “hole” is dug to simulate a vagina and the tissue and nerve endings from the original penis are reconstituted to create a neo-vagina - including the vaginal walls and a clitoris. Nothing - is wasted!
Blend of Genders

There’s lot of reasons why a transsexual woman wants GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery / Bottom Surgery). Also, transsexual women face a host of personal & societal pressures to complete this process. These include:

  1. For some - GRS is about being completefinally fixing mother nature’s mistake from birth. Lots of these gals hate witnessing their “appendage” when naked and having it removed is one of the most fulfilling experiences of their life.
  2. What’s there doesn’t work anyway - years of HRT & testosterone blockers often results in significantly decreased sexual desire and the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. Thus, for many gals its just no big deal saying goodbye to the symbol of having been born male since it no longer plays a role in function or pleasure.
  3. Most transgender women are naturally wired to being bottom - sexually-speaking. Lets face it: anal sex isn’t always a great option for penetration. For many? It gets old. Thus, having a vagina is much more practical.
  4. We live in a binary society: there’s men, there’s women. Society has come to know and embrace transsexuality but asks that we stick to one side of this established binary equation. Thus, GRS solves a lot of issues from when you’re pre-op or non-op. Legally-speaking? You’re not female until you’re done with GRS. This affects issues with career, health insurance, shared facilities like showers, shelters & gyms, etc.
  5. It gets you past a lot of societal drama. The first question on almost everyone’s tongue after they find out your transsexual? Have you had the final surgery yet. If we haven’t? They tend to treat us differently. It’s not fair - but its real and sucks!
  6. For some, GRS finally makes them finally feel like a real woman. Also, we can now have sex with a partner and not have to tell them right off they’re a transsexual. For some gals? These are both extra important issues.
  7. Trans World Hierarchy - Some gals are affected by a perceived hierarchy in the transsexual community that sometimes excludes non-ops & pre-ops as not yet a part of “the club”. Some transsexual gals get affected by this social pressure and desire to conform in their journey.
  8. Fat Storage and Muscle Atrophy - Being post-operative eventually results in a more feminine platform. Fat storage tends to change slightly: we actually get a bigger butt. Also, our muscle tone atrophies - which we tend to enjoy and appreciate.

Reasons Transsexuals Don’t get GRS

There’s numerous reasons transsexual women don’t get GRS. The most common reason? It’s expensive! Also, there’s sometimes never ending complications: it’s major surgery with lots of required healing time & required dilating efforts. It sometimes doesn’t go as planned resulting in long term complications. However, the current success rate is outstanding.

I’m best equipped to speak for myself in this regard: I didn’t get GRS - never will. I navigated the myriad of legal and social issues with an orchiectomy (testicles removed), not touting my unique configuration publicly and embracing things I considered more important than being “complete” - namely: finding the sort of loving partner I desired.

If finding a suitable partner and getting married is a higher ranking goal than self actualization? I always advise other transsexuals to at least hesitate before seeking final surgery? Why’s that? Because there’s lots more men and women seeking a functional transsexual than a post-operative version. Thus, you greatly increase your odds of finding your dream mate staying non-op.

In my own instance, this was doubly important since I always - and still do - identified as a “top” with my female lovers (I’m
not into men). Also, I was and still am more masculine at the ore than some of my brethren. Thus, a blend of genders felt fine with me, by nature.

This sort of path does require the help of modern medicine to make things work out. I went through a phase with HRT where I had trouble maintaining an erection and that only got worse following my orchie. Thus, I now get a monthly shot of testosterone & take a daily pill of low-dose Ciallis in order to remain functional. Dialing that concoction into the ideal mixture was no picnic.

It also requires a lot of confidence in your femininity. On more than one occasion I considered GRS earlier as I got overwhelmed by being trans. However, in my own situation, I discovered those issues weren’t necessarily going to be fixed by GRS: who sees beneath my skirt anyway? Very few people.

My unique path resulted in playful jabs from one of my closest friends - a long since post-operative transsexual woman who likes to jest I’m the consummate “shemale”. Coming from her? I take that as good humor.

I’m most definitely unique - a poster child for a way of life called: “I am, what I am”. My path was right for me - I’m legally female, I enjoy the improved presentation from muscle atrophy and fat storage and it helped me get past the drama of “being trans”. However, I can still please my partner consistent with my internal wiring. Most importantly, I’m happy and living a fulfilling existence. In the end - to me? That’s all that mattered.

The Bottom Line

Transsexual expression and evolution is a most personal journey. It’s not sex based - it’s much deeper. There’s a lot of valid reasons for getting the final surgery. There’s also a path between these lines. The final choice is up to the particulars of the transsexual woman.