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The Most Balanced and Happy Transsexual Women

The biggest complaint I hear from men actively dating transsexual women is their lives are a mess and often drama-filled.
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you ever tried changing your gender? It’s almost impossible to hold it together during that process: its expensive and emotionally devastating.

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The Most Balanced and Happy TS Women
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The Trans-Love Paradox

The ultimate irony of transgender love and attraction is that the transsexual women that are the least drama-filled, most successful and most evolved are
usually post-operative transsexual women.

A byproduct of GRS is that it often reduces the drama associated with transsexuality (doesn’t eliminate it) and emotionally motivates a gal to get past
being transgender - and get on with life as a woman.

However - most men primarily attracted to “transsexuals” - only seek the pre-op and non-op variety.

Therein lies the paradox of trans-love: what they physically desire (a woman with a penis) creates a basis for life-long drama that men often detest. However, the solution to resolving this life drama (GRS) - results in a physical manifestation of transsexuality many of these same men no longer find so alluring.


She Took Away My Toy

For some men, the attraction to a transgender woman
ends if she has her final surgery. Phil, a 51-year-old banker - was with the same TS girlfriend for almost a decade. However, when she completed GRS? The relationship fizzled. “I felt like she took away my toy”.
Post Op Irony

Other guys are even more intent on the subject. According to Ryan, a 43-year-old investment banker that prefers dating pre-op & non-op transgender women: “If I wanted a vagina I would just go date a regular girl. Why would I risk all the hassles from friends, family & co-workers finding out my fiancée used to be a man for something I can get anywhere? It’s just not worth it without that something extra.”

Ryan’s outlook magnifies the high rating some men put upon sexuality in a committed relationship.

Still, one can’t help but notice the irony of this situation and muse about where it all might end up in the years ahead. Many post-operative transsexual women offer the traits & lifestyles most male trans admirers yearn for & have a hard time finding in non post-operative transsexual women: confidence, success in their careers, tenderness in a loving relationship.