Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Transsexual Sexual Orientation


Mother Nature's big joke?

Hot Transsexual Meet

Perhaps we're just now witnessing the legitimacy of the trans-category amongst sexual orientation. Whose to say the world's only made up of heterosexual, bisexual & gay orientation? In fact, whose to say there's not even more permutations on the horizon of humanity? If there’s anything we know for sure its that majority and poplar opinion are usually off target in the long run. We once knew women were’t equipped to serve on juries, blacks weren’t skilled enough to cast a vote, pedophilia pornography was legal and didn’t hurt anyone - even that left handedness was a sign of the devil. These were all once facts of modern society. Today we can laugh at their absurdity. I'm betting this whole transexual orientation will seem humorous in the relatively near future.

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Personally, I know transexual women are created at birth. Females are the default gender of every species. Males develop due to a series of chemical changes that once begun, result in the chemical sequences that result in male structures. Alas, this is an imperfect process. We're already aware people can be born with an extra chromosome. We're equally familiar with lots of other birth disparities. Why's it so hard to fathom variations from birthing in an infant's brain would only relate to intellectual disparities? There's already been enough research regarding similarities between genetic female & trans-female brain symmetry. Seems a little naive to assume the body's most complex organ would consistently make the jump to male gender without error. Do you know of any circumstance in nature where there's not variations on a theme? This concept is challenging to some because we human-beings prefer to think of ourselves as perfect. In God's image...if you will. We're decidedly the most arrogant species to ever walk this planet.
TS Starting Hormones

Thus, if trans-women are born from mental, physical or chromosomal-variations...doesn't it seem likely nature would also create humans that were naturally matched to these unique creatures? We're only beginning to comprehend the brain & its spheres that impact the attraction process. However, we already know one thing for sure: for every action? There's an equal & opposite reaction.

Seems more than plausible: if nature created created a natural counterpart, as well. Thus, if you're highly drawn to transsexuals? It's very possible that you w’ere wired
that way from birth.

Exactly how does
that occur? Don't ask me sweetheart: I'm just the salesperson. *Grin*

female-to-male transsexuals
Transgender Wiring

Can't overlook our brethren: the female-to-male transsexual. Must admit, this isn't my area of expertise. Once dated a trans-man & explored what appeared to be an ideal ying-yang sort of combination. Alas, he & I didn't survive. I'm certainly no expert of female-to-male (FTM) sexuality.
Crossdressing Fetish

There's been increasing sexual interest in these men. Cutting edge sexuality is almost always the beginning for new understanding as sexual desire is our most primitive driving force. Alas, I'm going to leave the exploration of the role of trans-men in this newfound equation to another: it's beyond my purview.

the birth of transsexual-orientation

I'll be the first to admit: there's nothing new under the sun when it comes to human behavior.

However...there are habits & leanings that come of age due to emerging social influences. Make no mistake: our world's still full of mysteries. I think we're just now witnessing the birth of transsexual-orientation. This phenomenon exploded because of a pair of new events. One, the sheer number of visible transsexual is rising at an exponential rate. The internet fueled that growth with its ease of access to transformation tips & insights. Those previously taboo subjects are now available with the click of a mouse.

Second, the web provided an increased likelihood that almost everyone would at some point come in contact with a transsexual. In the not-so-recent past? A person still had to face a clerk when they rented an erotic transgender-flick or bought a similar X-rated magazine. People residing in small towns or those more shy & uncertain about these leanings? They never get near to clearing the first hurdle. This age old barrier is gone with the ease of internet access. Thus, if a person's born with a natural inkling for trans-types? Their time bomb explodes sooner.

creating a basic set of definitions
Shemale Love

So how can we define attraction to transsexuals by seemingly straight men & women? It's not heterosexual, it's not bisexual, and it's certainly not homosexual. What we have here's unique.

The community simply calls such people "admirers". However, I think we should search for a bit more clinical terms, don't you? Let's see...

For both the men & women drawn to MTF-trans-types it's an attraction to a feminine gender with a touch of male-ness that makes this equation work. For these people? It's that fusion that intoxicates their senses. For lack of a better clinical term, I call this newfound sense of trans-orientation.

Okay: so your leanings are now called trans-orientation. Congratulations: you're part of a club. Exciting, huh? Membership cards are naturally forthcoming.

Are all trans-orientation types the same?

I don't
think so.

Read on, we're 'gonna delve even further.

Most Common Mistakes of Beginning Transsexual Admirers
Everybody makes mistakes when starting out on new endeavors. Trans-admirers are no exception.

Following is the most common errors - and how to avoid them.

Your dominant Shemale fantasy

An inordinate amount of men carry a “dominant shemale” fantasy. However, outside of fictional pornographic scripts? This is
totally against the realm of most transgender women.

Dominant Shemales

The problem with this situation runs deeper than the fact no transsexual women beyond specially paid escorts will perform such an act. The fantasy is most often rooted in the essence of a transgender woman as something forbidden (hence the excitement) and you’re most comfortable exploring this aspect of your sexuality by force - where you’re not accountable for your actions or desires.

That combination? Is a huge turn-off to most transsexual women. You’re usually best leaving this concept in the realm of fantasy.

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Fantasies Are Better Than You Think

Having now lived over ten years in two different genders, I’ve noticed that men are often obsessed with making sexual fantasies a reality while women tend to be more comfortable keeping them the
unreal realm.

Considering all the issues associated with trans-dating? If this is primarily a
sexual fantasy? You’ll probably be much happier investing in a large supply of appropriate pornography and toys vs. trans-dating sites and dinners.

In your fantasies? We’re always lovely, everyone gets erect or wet upon command plus arrive on time & leave when you tell them.
Dominant Shemale

That combination?

a lot better than reality. Don’t push it! ((Hugs))

Do you still have your penis?

Yeah, I know. This is the first question almost every guy
wants to ask a transsexual woman. However, you’ll make a HUGE mistake if you bring this up early in your dialog. It’s a private issue - akin to her requesting a copy of your last two years tax returns and an updated financial statement. Both - send the wrong message. Get it?

A much better way to
frame this query? And again - only after you’ve been talking for awhile:

“What kind of surgeries have you had done and what are your future plans in this regard?” If her response only indicates cosmetic changes? (i.e. breast implants, facial feminization, etc.) It usually indicates she
hasn’t had GRS / Gender Reassignment Surgery / Final surgery / Bottom surgery...since most gals that complete this phase are proud of the accomplishment.

However, it’s still fair to probe: have you made specific plans for GRS? If she skirts the issue again - let it go. It’s not something she’s prepared to share with you yet.

This is actually a fair question for a trans-woman – but only at the appropriate time.
Sexy TS

Are you post-operative is a much more socially acceptable query to ask…

Total Beginner using a Full-Court Press

Another common mistake is when beginners overwhelm a gal with gushing correspondence about how much they
want this - and her. Yet, it’s obvious they’ve never tried such a relationship .

Imagine if you wrote and told me you wanted to be a sailor - sailing is all you’ve thought about for the last five years - and you can’t wait to talk to me about sailing…and I discover you’ve never been on a sailboat? You never know for sure what you’ll
love until you try it. Transsexuality is no different. As trans-women we’re very aware of the trials & tribulations associated with making trans-love work. We’ve also seen a lot of faces come and go over the years.

It’s not what you
don’t know that gets you in trouble. Rather, it’s what you “know” to be absolutely certain.

The “Vanishing Admirer” Routine

The worst habit of some beginning male admirer’s is to start with non-stop romance, attention and adoration - then
completely vanish from a trans-woman’s life. Want to know why some transsexual women get jaded regarding dating? You can thank these assholes!
Vanishing Routine

We all know how this happens: some men draw back into the safety of their emotional cave following a deep connection with a trans-female. They finally reflect upon all the potential negative impact of openly dating a trans-female. Problem is - she took them at their word and now they’ve hurt her.

The lesson here?

Please be very careful offering promises, commitments and accolades until you’re very certain its what you need and want for more than a week or weekend. If any woman on the planet deserves more kindness and respect?

It’s a transsexual female!