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Permanent Penis Enlargement Surgery: PMMA Injections

PMMA Injections for Penis Enlargement

You probably assume I’ll rank PMMA tops since I had
such a positive experience with it and have enough PMMA in my booty to enlarge a football team worth of penises.

Before After PMMA Buttocks Injections 01

The appeal is obvious. It’s the cheapest permanent procedure. Results are basically immediate. Full recovery is just days. The results (when injected by a skilled practitioner) are impressive - although it only provides increased girth: not more length.

When properly managed and administered I think that PMMA is an awesome body filler for hips and buttocks. However, a penis is a vascular organ - its inner workings are easily disrupted by foreign substance. A prime example of this situation is penis curvature during erection aka / Peyronie’s Disease - which occurs from a build up of fibrous and calcified plaque in the penis and from subsequent trauma during sex that’s almost inevitable once your penis gets curved. Once it reaches the debilitative state - Peyronie’s Disease negatively affects sexual performance, pleasure and it reduces penis size...ugh!

PMMA can and will eventually form
micro and macro granulomas surrounding the injected foreign material. In my big ass? This doesn’t really matter. In a penis? It will be more noticeable and problematic.

During my research I did a ton of reading on the “
Phallobaords”. This is an awesome user guided resource for people considering penis enlargement. A LOT of men on these boards traveled to Mexico and achieved permanent penis enlargement with PMMA. The ignorance and arrogance regarding its long term effects and outcomes reminded me of the same discussions in trans culture forty years ago. The penis guys only have about ten years of experience with long-term PMMA. Tranny’s? We’ve been working with it over four decades!

Here’s the real deal on risks associated with PMMA injections into the penis.

The implications vary - it's truly a crap-shoot:

  1. Some guys are going to experience no side effects and minimal long term lumpiness. These guys are the big winners with PMMA penis enlargement (no pun, intended...LOL)
  2. A decent number of guys will eventually experience “morphing” of the filler and hard nodules / granulomas - that occur after between three-twelve years post-procedure. Their penises will eventually end up looking and feeling pretty freakish and lots of women will wig-out when they see it erect: imagine Frankenstein’s dick. Most women will assume its diseased and will likely reject it for oral or vaginal fun. I had my mouth around a PMMA-injected penis after some filler hardening - it feels freaking strange. Although like most women - I didn’t have the heart to tell the guy.
  3. A small number of men will suffer a complete rejection / toxic shock of the foreign substance and suffer from infection and health risks from the onset. These are the losers on the PMMA penis roulette wheel. Not only will their health be at risk - they’ll now have to find a skilled urologic plastic expert to remove the injected PMMA - and survive on heavy antibiotics in the meantime. That $3000-$5,000 penis enhancement? Will now cost this guy over $25,000 in additional cost.

The bigger problem? (No, pun, intended) There’s no way to tell in advance where you’ll end up on the PMMA penis merry-go-round.

Also, there's the monumental question of if a foreign practitioner is actually using real PMMA vs. medical grade silicone. The easiest way to spot the reality is in the pricing. Real PMMA cost rose substantially in Brazil following a myriad of negative outcomes - mostly from people doing too much of it for all-body enhancements.

The lowest wholesale cost for a CC of PMMA in 2016 was $167.00. If your doctor is offering you "PMMA" CC's injected for less than $200? You can rest assured: they are NOT using real PMMA. That's not necessarily the end of the world. However, its important that you get a clear picture of reality.

PMMA Nightmares 01

Don’t feel like you’re alone. Transgender women have been doing this and facing the same risky odds for decades. I used to whince every time I read an articles on cases gone bad - even death. However, I’m completely sympathetic to anyone who makes similar choices to enhance a very negative self image.

PMMA Nightmares 02

You’ve Got Better Options!

The great news for men wanting a bigger dick vs. trans women wanting a larger booty?

You’ve got more and better options - since you need far less filler than we do.

I’ll now summarize the most well-known permeant penis enlargement procedures. On the following page? I’ll highlight the one I think it best and why that is.

Fair enough?

Lets Get to it!

Permanent Penis Enlargement Options Compared