Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Crossdresser Diet Tips

Ever fantasize of changing from a crossdresser that looks - like this?

Before After Crossdressser 01

To this?

Before After Crossdressser 01a

Yep -
that’s me - in both photos!

One of the first challenges most gals just starting transgender expression is how to lose some weight. Alas, nothing will improve your feminine presentation quite like a more slender figure.

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Ever watched any of those old Extreme Makeover shows? One thing I immediately noticed? The biggest difference in someone’s improved appearance was actually caused by significant weight loss.
sissy trap
I’m no diet expert. I'm simply sharing tips I discovered which helped knock off pounds. I'd suggest you find a diet you can live with - and stick to it!

I didn't read or find a specific diet regimen that I can share with you. I asked a few people I felt knew what they were talking about for pointers. The only particular diet I found that made great sense was the one geared around our blood type. I bought into that concept.

All the best diet programs are geared around one very simple concept:

You have to take in fewer calories than you expend, in order to lose weight: period.

The only way this happens is with regular exercise. If you try dieting without exercise, your results will be minimal - unless you starve yourself - which isn’t healthy.

Tip # 1: Portions are crucial. I doubt any one thing helped me more than cutting back on the actual portions I consumed. I always had trouble when dining out - because I was raised to finish my plate. However, the key to weight loss is to stop eating - just short - of getting full.

Crossdressing Body

Tip # 2: Chewing your food. A big part of getting all the nutrients as well as maintaining a good digestive system, is completely chewing your food. This was big for me - because I'm usually in a hurry & always drove friends crazyy with how fast I ate. Initially, I just couldn't get the hang of this - old habits die hard. 

The trick that finally got me over the hump was making a rule of setting my fork down - between bites. Try it: it works!

Tip # 3:
No (or minimal) carbohydrates after 2:00PM. Carbs play a key role in burning off fat. However...after 2:00PM - they rarely have enough time to break down before you hit the sack. Thus, they have a habit of becoming love handles - if I don't manage them correctly. Try to stick to protein in the afternoon and evening: egg whites, chicken, - (my favorite - canned tuna in spring water), etc.

Tip # 4:
Salads. I happen to love blue cheese salad dressing. I had a friend in Weight Watchers who gave me a tip that really helped me with this. Order your dressing on the side - and dip your fork into the dressing before filling your fork with lettuce. You'll get the flavor you are after, but only consume about a fifth of what you'd normally put on your salad. It will feel a little light at first - but you'll get used to it. Just think about that hot little bathing suit you'd love to put on. *Smile*

Tip # 5: The thing that helped me the most was
fruit drinks. I can usually stick to a basic diet, but it's those in between times I have a hard time getting through. I mix orange juice and cranberry (sometimes add apple juice) and add crushed ice - to a large glass. I focus on chewing the ice - not drinking the liquid. It's almost like eating sherbet ice cream.

Tip # 6:
Water. Nothing will get you losing weight faster than drinking water. I have a close doctor friend that is an Internist who once told me: "If people drank the eight glasses of water they were supposed to every day, I'd be out of business." I could never get into this habit, until I started buying gallon jugs of water. You can chug them so easily. Keep them all over the house - at your work area, in the kitchen, next to your bed - and take a swig - every chance you get.

An important note: Most everyone actually
gains weight when they first start a decent diet combined with exercise. Anticipate this. Don't get discouraged. If you'll stick to your exercise and diet - the weight will start rolling off in no time.

You go Girlfriend!!