Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Crossdresser Diet Tips

Ever fantasize of changing from a crossdresser that looks - like this?

Before After Crossdressser 01

To this?

Before After Crossdressser 01a

Yep -
that’s me - in both photos!

If you're just starting you're crossdressing journey - you'll find lots of free and fun information at my website.

Perhaps you've harbored "transition fantasies": I sometimes imagined getting transgender Breast Augmentation or at the very least - seeing breast growth from MTF Hormone Therapy.

My website provides a comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of your crossdressing life. If you someday think you might want to go further? I offer a detailed handbook about how to successfully change genders as a TS.

The best part?

It's free!

Diet Tips for Crossdressers

One of the first challenges most gals just starting transgender expression is how to lose some weight. Alas, nothing will improve your feminine presentation quite like a more slender figure.

Ever watched any of those old
Extreme Makeover shows? One thing I immediately noticed? The biggest difference in someone’s improved appearance was actually caused by significant weight loss.
´┐╝sissy trap
I’m no diet expert. I'm simply sharing tips I discovered which helped knock off pounds. I'd suggest you find a diet you can live with - and stick to it!

I didn't read or find a specific diet regimen that I can share with you. I asked a few people I felt knew what they were talking about for pointers. The only particular diet I found that made great sense was the one geared around our blood type. I bought into that concept.

All the best diet programs are geared around one very simple concept:

You have to take in fewer calories than you expend, in order to lose weight: period.

The only way this happens is with regular exercise. If you try dieting without exercise, your results will be minimal - unless you starve yourself - which isn’t healthy.

Tip # 1: Portions are crucial. I doubt any one thing helped me more than cutting back on the actual portions I consumed. I always had trouble when dining out - because I was raised to finish my plate. However, the key to weight loss is to stop eating - just short - of getting full.

Crossdressing Body

Tip # 2: Chewing your food. A big part of getting all the nutrients as well as maintaining a good digestive system, is completely chewing your food. This was big for me - because I'm usually in a hurry & always drove friends crazyy with how fast I ate. Initially, I just couldn't get the hang of this - old habits die hard. 

The trick that finally got me over the hump was making a rule of setting my fork down - between bites. Try it: it works!

Tip # 3:
No (or minimal) carbohydrates after 2:00PM. Carbs play a key role in burning off fat. However...after 2:00PM - they rarely have enough time to break down before you hit the sack. Thus, they have a habit of becoming love handles - if I don't manage them correctly. Try to stick to protein in the afternoon and evening: egg whites, chicken, - (my favorite - canned tuna in spring water), etc.

Tip # 4:
Salads. I happen to love blue cheese salad dressing. I had a friend in Weight Watchers who gave me a tip that really helped me with this. Order your dressing on the side - and dip your fork into the dressing before filling your fork with lettuce. You'll get the flavor you are after, but only consume about a fifth of what you'd normally put on your salad. It will feel a little light at first - but you'll get used to it. Just think about that hot little bathing suit you'd love to put on. *Smile*

Tip # 5: The thing that helped me the most was
fruit drinks. I can usually stick to a basic diet, but it's those in between times I have a hard time getting through. I mix orange juice and cranberry (sometimes add apple juice) and add crushed ice - to a large glass. I focus on chewing the ice - not drinking the liquid. It's almost like eating sherbet ice cream.

Tip # 6:
Water. Nothing will get you losing weight faster than drinking water. I have a close doctor friend that is an Internist who once told me: "If people drank the eight glasses of water they were supposed to every day, I'd be out of business." I could never get into this habit, until I started buying gallon jugs of water. You can chug them so easily. Keep them all over the house - at your work area, in the kitchen, next to your bed - and take a swig - every chance you get.

An important note: Most everyone actually
gains weight when they first start a decent diet combined with exercise. Anticipate this. Don't get discouraged. If you'll stick to your exercise and diet - the weight will start rolling off in no time.

You go Girlfriend!!

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How to Slim Your Arms to a More Feminine Form


I can't begin to add up the number of inquiries I've received regarding how I slimmed my arms - to a more feminine size. 

In case you're unaware - I used to carry around a decent pair of biceps. They were great for my athletic activities - but pretty much sucked in my dresses. *Laugh*

Many t-girls face one - of two challenges - with their arms. 

Either the are overly muscular - or overweight. 

Sadly, I faced both these dilemmas during my quest towards a reasonably feminine appearance.

Through trial and error - I discovered means to reduce my biceps to a more feminine size & shape. 

I decided to include my program - for those of you who are concerned with this feature.

Wanna try it? 
Okay. Here we go...

Renee's slim arm program

Make no mistake - it can take a pretty long time to slim arms. It requires a conscious effort in your daily activities, your exercise - even your posture. 

But - it's doable.

Ready for some good news? *Smile*

The way you slim your arms - for either excessive muscularity or extra weight - is roughly the same process.

One thing -
before beginning this program - and any exercise regimen, you should consult your physician regarding your present health. A slim body looks nice - but it's not worth having a heart attack over...((hugs))  


#1 Remain Arm Conscious - The most important criteria is to be highly aware - and avoid - daily routines which might build your biceps. If your work requires such activity - you're screwed - sorry. ((hugs)) Your goal is simple - don't use your arms. I mean it! You must make a conscious effort
not to do muscle building work.
shemale trap

#2 Diet - This is particularly crucial to those with extra fat in their arms. I covered my favorite techniques in my
diet section. Plain & simple - your triceps area is a favorite spot - for your body to store fat. To slim them down - you gotta burn off that excess, girlfriend. ((hugs))


#1. High Volume Pullovers - Did you read about the pullovers in my
exercise section? If slimming your arms is a big goal of yours - I want you to reduce the weight on the dumbbell - and focus on achieving about 50 continuous repetitions in your program. This high volume, low resistance - and stretching - is ideally suited to reduce the size of your arm. It strengthens the triceps - while stretching everything else.  

#2. Dance, Dance, Dance - This is the secret to arm slimming. It also has the added benefit of improving your fun while gallivanting around in a skirt.

Of course - I'm not talking about slow dancing. We're talking work it, girlfriend. *Smile* Don't know how to "et down like a lady? Don't feel bad - I didn't either. In fact - I was never big"into dancing - as a guy. I didn't hate - but I certainly wasn't drawn to it. 
tranny trap

I want you to rent / buy a jazzercise - dance aerobics video. These tapes include killer routines that will force you to begin stretching and moving like a female.

Once you've found a rhythm & sense of music & exercise (a month?) - I want you to accentuate this program with dancing hard to music video's on television. 

Mix it up! And by all means - have some fun with it. ((hugs)) 


Shock the System - Years ago, I read Arnold Schwarzanegger's first book entitled The Education of a Bodybuilder. I recalled he spoke of occasionally shocking the muscles to wake them up - with over 50 sets of squats. I sometimes employ a similar technique on my body - and arms.  
tranny trap
This, goes hand-in-hand with your dance, dance, dance routine. It's time to put it to use. *Smile*. If you flail around on a dance floor in heels for an extended number of hours - and stay up well past your bedtime - you'll start burning calories like nothing you've ever done in your life! using the arms, stay on a good diet - and participate in aerobic exercises that include arm movement - but not resistance training. Shock your body now and'll be looking femme - in no time! **kiss**