Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Tips for Trying on Women’s Clothes in Stores as a Crossdresser

After shopping for a period of time, you'll become more comfortable with buying your femme items. Once you buy enough garments - you eventually reach a point where you'll want to try them on - in the store. Private, fetish type shops are a no-brainer - they are orientated towards our alternative lifestyle. However, traditional retailers, rarely are.

Crossdresser Shopping Tips

Department stores, are by definition - broken up into departments. Thus, they offer the least friendly environment for t-girls to try on clothing before purchase. Most major retail chains now include training on working with us - to all their employees. However, that doesn't mean your particular salesperson will be adept or compassionate to your needs. 

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Unisex, discount retailers like Marshall's, Ross & TJ Max are your best bet. If you are still a bit shy, you can take some male clothes to the dressing room with you. The only person you'll have to face in this process, is the lowly guardian of dressing room thieves - who inventories the number of garments you try on. If you stop and put it in perspective, this person is insignificant in the scheme of things - don't let them affect you!
Crossdress Tips

When I first started shopping for my female wardrobe in traditional retail establishments, I was still a bit shy. One thing I did to get past this coyness - was mentally pretend I was a gay guy shopping for a dress - not an uncommon sight in Atlanta, GA. It might sound silly, but it helped me. Most of the time, your fear in feminine shopping is actually your male ego dreading getting bruised. By sort of tossing aside my male ego - in favor of a more fem style - I seemed to feel less concerned what others thought. *Smile* 
Crossdress Shopping Info

Another trick you might consider is keeping decent photographs of your femme self available on your phone. Most people assume any guy who dresses as a girl will look horrid. When someone has jokingly asked if the make up or blouse I'm purchasing is for me - I've shared my photo with them. Most anyone who would ask such a question usually has a good sense of humor. And anyone with a good sense of humor - is usually more open minded than others. I met some neat people this way. Just be careful not to push those images on those with only slight interest. Some people? They get easily offended.

In time, you'll let go of the fears you face in this regard. Most of my concerns were derived from my over-sized male ego - trying not to get bruised in this process. Getting that trait in check - is a gift from transgenderism you'll always appreciate.

How does a crossdresser determine his size in ladies clothing?

Before you can start shopping with any possibility for success you’ll need to know your size in ladies clothing.

There’s also other issues: namely, the cut. Women’s fashions are cut specifically for various types of female bodies with allowance for expanded hip bones, larger buttocks, more narrow shoulders, breasts, etc.

First Off: Measure Yourself

You’ll need to create a detailed account of all your key body measurements - otherwise: you'll end up with lots of clothes that never fit right.

Take the time to pull out the old tape measure - and see where you fit in. Just remember - the bust is measured at your nipple line - and your waist is measured right above the belly button. ((hugs))

Before we get to all that…

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Women’s Shoe Sizes for Men

Fortunately, figuring out your equivalent female shoe size is a fairly simple process. Essentially your female size is two sizes large than your male number. Thus, if you wear a “size 10” male shoe? You’ll wear a twelve in ladies footwear.

However…We sometimes face issues with width as women’s feet are often more narrow than our own. With some designers? You’ll need a "wide" variation to achieve a comfortable fit.

Crossdressing: How to determine your size for women’s clothing

Women’s Sizes are much more complicated then mens

In comparison to women’s apparel, shopping for clothes as a guy is much easier. What’s the first mistake we often make when shopping for women’s apparel? Not knowing what size "department" we’re in - and being sure which one applies to us. In fact? Entire store brands are designed to primarily appeal to just one of these special size groups.

There are four core size groups within any women’s fashion retailers. These are cut and styled differently based upon the target market they serve. Its essential you learn these since you’ll run into them mixed together on clearance racks or at thrift stores - and you’ll need to know the big difference between an 11,12 & 12P - if you want to score affordable treasures.

The five major women's clothes size "categories" include:
  1. Juniors
  2. Misses
  3. Women’s
  4. Petites
  5. Small, Medium, Large, etc.

Juniors - The Junior's department for young teen girls. If you don’t see a department sign, you’ll know something you’re examining is from the “Junior’s Department” because the size label will be an odd number: 1,3,5,7,9,11 or 13. The larger the number? The larger the size of that clothing. Juniors clothing is cut differently - to reflect more narrow hips & less fully developed breasts & buttocks. While this mirrors the needs of some trans-women they’re also often not wide enough to accommodate our larger more muscular forms. The Juniors department is where a lot of transgender women find clothes they consider the most appealing. That’s not surprising since regardless of our chronological age - we’re often still young girls "at heart" when we start our journey. However, buying more than a few things from juniors often causes problems with our subsequent outfit since women can quickly spot styles sized and cut for young ladies and often consider them inappropriate for mature women to adorn.
Hip Scarves

There is one unique item I adore for trans-women you’ll
only find in Juniors departments or stores: hip coverings - that wrap around the waist and add bulk to the buttocks. They look like scarves at first glance - but they’re designed to wrap and tie around your waist. These are usually a nice touch for transgender ladies since we're naturally less "hippy" like our younger female counterparts.

Misses - Misses is the most common cut and size for mature women or any younger gals whose body has blossomed with appropriate curves following puberty. You’ll know your shopping in the “Misses Department” if the size labels include all even numbers: 0,2,4,6,8,10,12 - up to a 14. The larger the number? The larger the size of clothing.

Women’s - “Women’s” is the term used for what’s considered “plus” size in ladies clothes. They start at a 16 and continue higher in even number increments. Regardless of how slender they're underlying figure, a lot of trans-women have to start in the women’s department just because their sheer frame and rib cage is much larger than most born women.

Petites - Petites are the final core category. These are mature styles cut for smaller framed and shorter women. In other words? The arms and length will be shorter than Misses styles. Petites mirror the even numbered sizing system of Misses but garments will include a letter “P” following the numbered size.

Pronounced Sizes - There’s also the Small, Medium, Large & XL sizes plus the equivalent versions in the “women’s" department = including 1X, 2X, 3X & 4X.

It actually keeps going even further.

Lots of designers only produce for one of the major size categories - i.e.: Misses, petites.

There’s also sometimes
“tall” label - for some departments - a somewhat common need in our transgender community. For instance? Even though I’m only 5’8 - I buy tall inseam pants since I prefer wearing 3 1/2” heels with most my outfits. Clothing from the “talls” area usually include the letter “T” on the label.

Women’s Sizes and Actual Measurements
A little more complicated than shopping of guy clothes, huh?

Guess what?

It gets even worse when you examine the measurements attributed to the various numerical sizes I just shared. For men’s clothes? Measurement are spot-on to the actual size. Thus, a 16-32 short will have a sixteen inch neck and a thirty-two inch sleeve.

That used to be relatively achievable; e from women's sizes: but no longer.

The Advent of Vanity Sizing

There once was an agreed upon exact size for the numerical numbers associated with ladies clothing. However, beginning in the 1980’s - designers discovered that women would opt to buy one particular designer over another
just because it allowed them to fit into a much smaller numerical size.

Women take lots of pride in being able to fit into smaller clothes: it's a very emotional aspect of female shopping. This phenomenon resulted in the advent of what’s known as “Vanity Sizing” - which caused most designers to create previously larger-sized garments into smaller listed size numbers.

Standardization went out the window in that process meaning you almost have to be previously aware of the sizing aspects of a designer before knowing if a garment will fit or closely examine any accompanying garment measurements before making a purchase.

Is Renee a size 6? Sure she is. She has a few dresses that say she is. *Grin* Does all this sound ridiculous? It's not - really. Men fib about their golf scores & the fish that got away, It's only fitting - we'd acquire a couple of fresh white lies - as a girl.

Following is a somewhat standard size chart for women's
misses clothing.


Problems with Sizing Clothes for Transgender Women

Figured out female your sizes yet? Good - that will make your shopping a bit easier. However, you'll still face a few challenges in finding clothes that fit perfectly.

A few t-girls don't face these problems. Their bodies are built very much like women from the onset.  If you know such a tranny - you'll really come to hate her over the years. Don't feel bad about - we all hate them! 

Even though I'm only 5'8 - I'm still the prototypical t-girl...and I know lots of gals face my problems in finding great clothes. Here's but a few of the unique problems we face with sizing.   


Large Rib Cages - In general - our rib cages are not only larger than women - but they start flaring outward - at a lower position. This makes lots of dresses that fit perfectly otherwise...unwearable - damnit!

Fat Storage Problems - The human body is an amazing device. It stores fat as energy - when we let it. Unfortunately, men & women's bodies store fat in different places. Guys retain this extra energy at their waist - women in their hips & ass. Fashion designers know this - and cut female clothes accordingly. Thus, we're often cut-out of a great fit - long before that hot dress even gets shipped to your favorite retailer. 

Thicker Shoulders - It's bad enough we don't have breasts - and our rib cages are oversized - but why do our shoulders always have to be thicker than a female counterpart of a similar size? It's just not fair. ((hugs)) Lots of jackets will be overly snug in the shoulders and fit less than ideal.

Larger Hands -Men usually have larger hands than a comparable female. That's cool - we can add long nail tips to help extend our phalanges and lessen their oversized appearance. However - you'll discover certain blazers where you can't even get your hands through the sleeves. Can we never win?

Narrow Hips - Women's hips widen as they reach puberty as their bodies prepare for the ability to bear children.  Ours? They're naturally more narrow.

Oversized Feet - This one bothers me the most. I wear a size 10 as a guy - which means I shop a 12 in women's shoes. In case you've not already looked - most 12 styles - look like shoes your grandmother would hesitate to wear. You can find a decent number of fetish heels in larger sizes - but high-quality, large sized fashionable shoes at a decent price - are as rare as a DRAG Queen at an NRA talent show.

Larger Muscles - I've got fairly large and muscular calves. In a pair of 6" heels - they slim a bit and help my legs look pretty hot. I like that! Unfortunately, they also mean I can't even get my legs through a lot of women's pants that fit me otherwise. You might face this same challenge with your thighs, biceps - you know the drill. Consider your muscularity issues before any purchase. 

Feminization Tips for Part Time Transgender Girls

Compared to having breasts - you might think no other femme feature is important. 

I'd almost agree with you. *Smile*

However, I think you'll discover far more feminine looks you can achieve in other parts of your body. These other details are the real difference between the weekend crossdresser - and the knock out Queens.

Full Body Stocking for Hairy Body Cross Dressing

If you want to create more feminine photos but can’t shave the hair from your body some girls use a fully body stocking to create an effect suitable for photos.

Full Body Stocking

Choosing your new female crossing dressed “name”
Lots of new trans-gals create an acronym of their male name to produce a new femme identification.

The only problem with this method?

This hybrid moniker is often spelled differently than comparable female names - which can make it difficult for others to pronounce. As your new life grows you’ll want to spend more time in public. Guess what the hardest aspect of passing in public is for part-time gals? Their voice”. Thus, if you have a name that must be repeated for people to understand or spelled out? You’re hitting your weakest link
just as people first meet you - and getting read quickly. That’s no fun.

My advice?

Pick something short, sweet and simple that’s definitely female. Names like Kate, Tina, and Susan? They’re perfect!

crossdressed male

MTF developing a feminine voice - it's all - in your head...

Trying to develop a feminine voice?

For some guys - this is a cinch. For others - including me - it's a nightmare. For those of us with male voices best suited for FM radio - they key to success is talking from the head. 

What do I mean by that? Try this...hold your right hand over the center of your chest and talk. Do you feel that vibration in your chest? That's your deep male voice. Now - try raising the point of that vibration a few inches higher. You accomplish this by speaking from the head - versus the chest. With practice - you'll find her - without that typical falsetto voice of some girls.
crossdress sexy trap

When I'm heading out to an environment where voice is important - I listen to music by one of my favorite female vocalists - and start singing along with her. As I find my fem inflection, I stop the music and start speaking in that tone. Then I turn the music back on - and try it again. Works for me!

Included is a link to a TS gal with a whole program on improving your fem voice. 

Andrea James Guide on Developing a Femme Voice

In general, you'll find most feminine voices have a degree of musical melody to them. They rise and fall differently from most males. Take note of these variations. Practice the most common phrases you will use.

Regardless how masculine your voice sounds, you will do a lot better if you will work on your femme vocabulary.

"What's up bud?", needs a slight little alteration to:

"Hi sweetie, how are you?"

Nails & Toes for Cross Dressing

Perhaps nothing will enhance you fem appearance as easily as painting your nails and toes. Start your fem nail development by getting a basic male manicure and pedicure if you can. You will discover that pushing back the cuticle will be of great benefit in helping to reduce smearing as you paint.

Personally, I try to keep my nails right in between male & female. How? I use a nail file every three or four days and shape them to a slightly pointed basis (trim the sides & corners) - while keeping the length to a non-noticeable level. They don't look feminine without polish - but add the paint, and they appear to "grow" in length. Try finding a length you won't get comments with. Also, don't be afraid to test a variety of nail polish colors. We all tend to naturally gravitate to red - but you'll find it fun to mix up your palette now and then.

I use the quick dry nail polish, because I rarely have time to go through the waiting period for traditional formulas to dry. However, I often add a light coat of clear sealant enamel, because the quick dry colors tend to wear-off very easily.

Once you get the hang of working with nail polish remover, you can get the color off in minutes. Don't buy any of the fancy versions of polish remover. Acetone is acetone - is acetone! Have to be honest, getting nail tips put on by a pro is unbeatable. I've never been able to do it right myself. 

Nails are decidedly my weakest link. In case you haven't noticed from most of my photos, I rarely even paint them anymore - let alone color them. Why? The usual female reason - I'm always running late when I'm headed out. Since I take my pictures upon returning home - I'm not about to add them then.

I wore the press on version. They really do look good. However, make certain everything is done before you apply them. And I do mean everything.

I wore them when I visited my dear friend Lady Ashely in Philly - as she always gave me grief about not having them in my pictures. Never a good time to give another queen ammo to trash you. 

However: nail tips don't come off easily! The first time I had them done I got myself in a real mess, because I couldn't totally remove them. I had to go into a meeting hiding my hands until I could leave and have the remnants removed. That experience was one for my diary.

Don't forget your toes! Painting your toes is so very easy, and you can leave them painted as long as you are not going to have to remove your socks in front of someone who wouldn't understand. Painted toes add such a perfect touch to your illusion. And everything, which adds to your image of femininity is in my opinion - a plus. They don't show if you wear pumps, which is another reason (along with comfort) I prefer open-toed shoes. I pretty much always go with red in this department as it covers so well as my nails are not in the best of condition. Again, cover your base coat with a coat of clear sealer and you'll enjoy the glow for a very long time.

Body Hair and Cross Dressing

I realize a lot of you are not in a position to shave your legs and arms. According to a TG girlfriend of mine (Cindy), there are several ways around this little problem. The easiest and most common method to mask hair, is to wear suntan pantyhose under all your items as a color base. Two or three pair will hide even the hairiest of legs. Several firms sell complete body stockings which will cover ya from head to toe for this little problem. Also, a set of opera gloves will do wonders for dark, hairy arms. If you are able, you can shave the tops of your thighs to a point where you can look good in stockings and garters, and still show hairy legs in shorts.


For less intimate attire, the process is much easier to deal with. Long sleeve blouses, dresses, etc. will hide the thickest forest. Just remember, this much layering can change your size a bit - so if that skirt was a little tight to start - it may need an alteration now. Also, it's a bit warm - dress accordingly.

Another option is long sleeved Lycra outfits. These garments offer the dual effect of covering the hair on your arms, and slimming your biceps - all in one fell swoop. Try to buy them as slim fitting as possible, without being so tight to make you look overweight.

Hip Padding for Cross Dressing


Certainly one of the most distinguishing female features of genetic females is wide hips - and a curvy behind. Unless you are just very lucky - this will usually not be your strong suit.

If you have narrow hips (as most of us non-hormone girls do), there are a number of things you can try to present a more feminine figure.

This is certainly one of the easier problems to solve. There are numerous enhancers available for this area of your body. The best ones really look good. I bought a $40.00 version from Frederick's several years ago, but wore it only with loose skirts and jeans - because the padding was so unevenly distributed.

One night while out clubbing, I met up with an old girlfriend from Key West who is a rather famous tg. She has been featured on HBO a couple of times - and is absolutely stunning. One of her most impressive features is her hips and behind. Her form allows her to wear the tightest skirts and pants - and put any woman to shame. The truth is: it's not her form - but her enhancer.

If I were going to invest in just one enhancement product, hips would be it. It's quite easy to create breasts - tape, coloring, exercise, wonderbras - the list of options is almost endless. Hips and behinds are as easy not so easily improved. You can wear multiple sets of pantyhose, but this did little but add bulk on me.

Also, since our legs are typically the best feature we have, why not add to the allure where the eyes go first anyway. Building off your strengths - has always been my mantra.

A couple of tips on getting an enhancer: First, stay away from the voluptuous versions unless you've got the body to match it. I did this initially, and it looked silly. Second, when wearing your enhancer - pull it down a bit. We tend to be long waisted and women's curves start lower than ours. Use the mirror to guide you.

 A nice set of hip enhancers will look great on you. It will also slim the appearance of your waist by expanding the hips. I've included a link where I got mine. They offer a custom fitted unit. One thing I like about them is you can send your unit back for modification for a reasonable charge. That beats the heck out of most custom things I buy that don't work - and I get stuck with them.

Classic Curves - For Top of the Line Hip Enhancers

I've reached a point where I rarely wear such devices since my outfits are usually a little short on material. To alleviate this problem, I first focused on posture. It's actually not that difficult to learn to stand and walk with your behind poking out a bit. Standing should include bending to the side. Finally, most of my short skirts are 100% cotton, which possesses enough support to automatically cause a flared appearance of the hips.

Tucking for Crossdressers


If you are going to the beach at some point, one skill you might find helpful to develop is tucking. Tucking is basically the process of hiding your male genitalia from view.

In case you haven't noticed from my photo's, I don't typically give a flying crap about tucking. I'm a t-girl - and quite proud of it. Typically, you can just adjust your inventory and stand in such a way that nothing ever shows. However, if you wish to hide your masculinity in a tight fitting bathing suit, this is often your best option.
Marilyn Monroe DRAG Costume

There are two basic options to resolve this problem. The first is to carefully, slide each of your testicles up into the scrotum area above your sac, and subsequently tape them in place. I do one testicle at a time. Mine are a little large, and I can't seem to hold it all together as I prepare to tape. ::)) Some new girls get frightened by this process for fear their jewels will somehow get lost. Trust me honey - they are nicely attached and will find there way home. Finally, take your friend and tuck him nice and neatly between your legs. Some girls suggest taping him as well but they never mention what you are supposed to do when you must pee. I leave mine alone. Usually, a pair of snug panties or a bathing suit will hold your little operation in place. 

Instructions on Tucking 

Crossdressing Secret Weapon: Tan Lines

There is nothing I enjoy more than fem tan lines - and they are so very easy to achieve and maintain. I start off by visiting a tanning bed to get the basic lines I'm looking for. I take a pair of string-sided panties in my pocket, and put them on in the privacy of my booth after I've applied my lotion. Incidentally, I use the same panties each time I tan so I can keep the lines the same and intensify the contrast over time. Just don't forget to wash them now and again.

Another trick is to adjust the rear of your panties inward, so the outer edges of your buns get tan. This causes your hips to appear wider than they actually are. I'm not in a position to tan in a high-waisted swim suit, because I still must go the beach as a guy in the summer. By using panties, I keep the tan line below the belt. If you'll pull your panties up above your tan lines as you wear them, it shows off your lines in a sexy manner.


 Your second tanning option is to wear a string bikini top and create the illusion that you have breasts. I do this in the winter when I know I won't face concerns about removing my shirt in front of others. It provides a fairly convincing look, which you can accentuate with a coating of light colored foundation make up before going out en fem. Being able to do this, is a matter of if you're personal lifestyle will afford you this option.


Tanning beds are pretty hard on your skin. Whatever you do - do not tan your face! You will be wearing so much make up, it won't matter. Your face already gets too much sun exposure just from being outside. Most of the better beds have a button you can shut off the rays to your face - use it!

I only use the non-burning beds - and go as few times as possible. I support this base with light applications of self-tanning milk. I reiterate light, because if you use too much of the stuff - it will come off on everything you own.

Once you get your basic lines, a once a month trip to the bed and weekly application of lotion will keep it looking good.

Crossdressing Feminization
Can we still look like women when we're down to nothing?

If your lifestyle will afford you the option, the final leg of your fem development is often looking female without the help of much else. Now I'm not referring to you sisters that have hormonally enhanced hips and silicone filled breasts. I'm talking to gals like me that fight the grind of rapid hair growth, with hips narrower than your shoulders and not much fem elsewhere.

I played with this a great deal as my narrow hips put a limit on how womanly I was going to look in my birthday suit. I really didn't take these steps for anyone else. I did it for Renee. Not being able to dress that often can get me grumpy. Looking more fem in the shower each morning keeps a smile on my face between sessions.

First, I keep my toes painted all the time. Second, I tan once a week with a woman's bathing suit on. Initially, I was reluctant to use feminine bottoms versus panties due to the fact the tan lines come up so high. However, other than low level hip huggers, you'll never see it. Of course, the tan lines around my breasts mean my shirt simply doesn't come off but that's not as challenging as you might first think. Ever seen a woman take her shirt off around friends? Not a common occurrence is it?