Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Shopping for Women’s Clothes On-Line as a Crossdresser

Like everyone else I make lots of my purchases now from the internet - mostly off eBay.

What's MOST important for success with on-line shopping? Carefully measure your body before hand

Trans Related Issues that Affect On-Line Shopping Success
Shoulder Size
Hands Size

Following is what I consider to be my favorite eBay vendors for various general items you might need.

Patty Boutique - Affordable Cute Blouses
BarbieCutie: Affordable Cinch Belts
Ever Pretty - lovely & affordable formal gowns
High waist jeans - like NYDJ but lower priced & cuter styles - albeit not in XL sizes.

As an avid art collector, I was an early eBayer. It continues to be a great source for select purchases - in any category of interest.

Care should be shown in purchasing gear where size could be an issue. Shoes are usually one of the trickiest purchases for a t-girl to purchase in the best environments. I'd show restraint investing in shoes from a source like eBay where you can neither try them on - or return them.

Likewise, stick to clothing that includes a stretch fabric. Many eBay sellers will include exact measurements for the garment they sell. 

However, unless you get lucky - their will be a size issue. Remember - we are typically thicker - and designers cut these clothes for women. 

If you add up the items you'll never wear because of bad fit - it's still often cheaper to purchase items locally at sale price where you can return them.

Remember the idea we discussed about learning the high end garments? That knowledge can pay off handsomely on eBay.

A bit of studying in department stores will teach you a lot about which designers tend to leave extra room that fits your body well. 

I consider eBay my best source for unique items I have trouble finding (costume jewelry, custom belts) and items that fit easily and brands I already know "very" well.  

Stick to items with a stretch waist or bodice - and you'll have much better luck! *Smile*

My Favorite Shopping Resources for Transsexual Women

Like everyone else I make lots of my purchases now from the internet - mostly off eBay.

Following are what I consider to be my favorite vendors for various general items you might need.

eBay - I buy most of my wardrobe from eBay: I buy almost all my higher end designer items second-hand off eBay. My favorite clothing designers in this regard are St John Knits, Chanel, Valentino Boutique and Escada. I also buy Judith Leiber, Leatherock and Alexis Kirk belts second-hand.

Patty Boutique - eBay vendor with Affordable Cute Blouses

Ever Pretty - eBay vendor with lovely & affordable formal gowns

Jeans: I like Miss Me jeans which I buy off eBay. NYDJ: my roommate owns a ladies boutique: I get a great deal on those. I also like this vendor:
High waist jeans - they’re like NYDJ but lower priced & cute styles - albeit not in XL sizes.

Aerosoles - Aerosoles on-line offers a wide variety of affordable & styling shoes up to a size 12. I buy almost all my shoes from Aerosoles website for this reason.

Newport News / Spiegel - Worn Newport & Spiegel for years. Their Fx blouses are a staple with a large number of my favorite outfits.

Coldwater Creek - They offer pants with long inseams. However, I usually get the waist & buttocks tailor cut after I buy them: a little loose for my ass.

Crossdressing Fashion Accessories

the devil's - in the details

Make no mistake about it - accessories will often pull your best outfits together. However, learning to select - and actually find accoutrements, which best show off your look - can be a real challenge.  

drag queen.

The Details

I'd suggest staying away from high-priced accessories - in the beginning. They are rarely worth the money as they tend to be trendy. You need to first learn the direction you are headed with your style.

Wal-Mart and the other mass merchandisers are a better source for great accessories than you'd first think. By nature, mass merchandisers sell what sells well at specialty shops. They offer a decent selection of great accessories at prices you can live with. 

The only bad thing about mass merc's - is they tend to be much slower in adapting new styles. They basically watch for items that specialty stores can't keep on the shelves - and subsequently "add" those same items much cheaper - later in the year. 

In other words - if large hoop style earrings become the rage at the specialty store - you'll find them at Wal-Mart for half the price next season - buy accordingly. *Smile*

Try thrift stores and other rock bottom sources to test various accessory styles with your favorite looks. 

Purses & Wallets

Your purse is a very important item. I buy mid-sized purses, as I tend to carry a lot of touch up supplies when I'm out - to keep Renee looking her best late into the evening. There's no hard and fast rule on the type of purse you carry. I prefer manageable a midsize weight that doesn't give  me a workout from carrying it - yet can handle my arsenal of stuff. Color wise, I'd suggest one black and one cream to start.

If you plan on going out to less t-friendly venues - I'd suggest you not skimp on the quality of your handbag. Women take their purses pretty seriously. Nothing will cause you to stick out - quite like donning a handbag that looks like a 16 year old girl's selection. Quality in this item - will enhance your overall look more than you'd first think.
The fashion police say your purse must always match the color of your shoes and I'd agree they usually coordinate any outfit much better. However, they've yet to ticket me for failing to stay in this lane - so don't let them dictate your plans. Wal-Mart, Marshall's, TJ Max and the ilk - are great for finding nice purses. 

A formal purse is a nice addition for special occasions. Beaded versions can be stunning - but a simple black velvet purse is always classy. I'd also suggest looking at thrift stores for odd bal" colors you might need to match some particular outfits or shoes. They're tough to beat in this category.

You'll also need a femme wallet. I'm a bit pickier on this item since - I have a section I keep my male stuff, Renee's stuff, change, etc. Black is usually your best bet with this item.



Necklaces offer a host of decorative options. 
If you want to enhance the appearance of your cleavage, try wearing a very light weight chain necklace with a diamond pendant that falls right between your tits. I almost always do this.  The length and weight adds to the illusion. 

I personally like chokers of all varieties - as I find they tend to reduce the apparent width of my jaw, and cover my Adam's apple at the same time. However, I first made the mistake of buying them too wide. In general, our jaws are thicker than our GG counterparts. I find a more slender chocker looks more feminine. You can purchase those slender rhinestone studded types you see in my photos at
ForPlay - in every color under the rainbow.

If you want some really fabulous looking stuff - check out
Ron's Rhinestones. Pretty impressive selection at reasonable prices. 

Bracelets & Rings

Wearing rings on two or more fingers can enhance your fem look. You will likely have trouble initially finding rings large enough for your index an middle fingers. I buy rings as I find them in specialty shops.  They are one item you simply have to pounce on when you find the right look - and price. 


For example, I was visiting Gatlinburg, TN this past summer and strolled into one of those many shops selling everything from t-shirts to jewelry - and found a huge selection of lovely rings in my sizes - for half what I see them priced in Atlanta. I think I bought about eight rings. It occurred to me their selection and prices were right - because they targeted elderly women - with fingers more my size.

Why did I buy so many? First, I like wearing rings on all my fingers - I feel it adds a nice touch. Second, since I wear so many rings, I find a need different styles to match certain outfits - i.e.. yellow gold styles, white gold styles, diamond styles, etc. I think you'll enjoy having similar options on your phalanges. Give it a try. *Smile*  

Bracelets often get a little frustrating because the ones I love - rarely fit around my wrists. For dressier versions, I've found many of the open at the base types - will often make their way around my larger bones. Thrifts are my absolute favorite source for bracelets - however - you must stop by them fairly often to scan new inventory as the best items get picked over quickly.

On the club gear side - I've bought several from ForPlay in various colors with decorative diamonds (they match those chocker style necklaces) and I really like them. In general, stay away from thick styles and opt for more slender versions. The slimness tends to make your hands appear a bit smaller. 

Also - don't forget to buy a femme watch - ideally one in both white and yellow gold. I've bought all my watches mine from Wal-Mart. They look fine and are usually too buried under all my bracelets for me to care less about brands. 



Stylish earrings are probably the toughest things to find, if you don't have pierced ears. Most of the clip-ons you see in stores look like they belong on Aunt Bee! 

Early on - I bought pretty much every pair of decent looking clip-on ear rings I could get my hands on. I often felt frustrated that my earrings seemed to add little to my overall look.

The Internet provides a world of options when it comes to finding clip-on earrings that will add pizzazz to your ensemble. 


Specialty shops are great for earrings. I've found very few sites I like in the jewelry department on-line. However, I just made an earring purchase from both of these sites and was pleased - you might check them out! They're a little steep on pricing - but what a selection...

If you're on a tighter budget, check out this place...

I've also bought some favorites at a place I buy wigs. They just happen to sell great costume jewelry - as well as nice wigs. One thing that helped - is I explained to this fine lady what it is I'm looking for - and she tends to try and buy items she feels confident I'll eventually purchase. (Hint, Hint)


Which style earring is right for you? If you are like pretty much every other t-girl on the planet - your face is slightly round or wide - relative to genetic girls. Damn that male jaw, huh? *Smile* Thus, you want to wear earrings that are long & slender. This style will assist in an illusion which helps narrow your face.

Some independent jewelry dealers (in the kiosks in malls) have a decent selection - and will convert the pierced type to clip-on's for a small fee. Just tell them your mom can't wear pierced earrings, if you're shy!!


You can also convert pierced earrings yourself. Most every large fabric store (Hancock, JoAnn, etc.) carries "earring clip attachments" in the "beads" section. 

They only cost about a dollar for five - and they come in a variety of styles and coloring. I'm no expert when it comes to fine jeweling, so I tend to look for earrings with a large backing that I can simply cut off the post - and super glue the new clip on attachment. I'd suggest you tackle similarly simple projects on your own - and leave those little flimsy numbers to a professional jeweler. 


The only exception to this rule is the hoop style earrings - these are a cinch to do-it-yourself - and they look awesome. 

There is an attachment you can purchase which allows you to create a small circle which you can slide the bar which attaches on this type that makes for a very nice look. 

I think these provide the best look of all. You can buy the large and cheap versions - as you won't face the health concerns of unsterilized metal running through your ears. The length is nice in that it will elongate a round face. 

The cost of the pair of gold hoop earrings you see in the photo to the right - was less than $5.00 - including both the earrings & attachments. 

Try it - you'll see what I mean. ::))


Can't afford expensive hair styling? 

Why not try a fun hat?

Hats - like other accessories are forever in & out of style. Thus, prices vary with demand.

One trick in the t-department when it comes to hats....the horizontal line - created by a hat can cause an already wide jaw - to appear even larger. If you face this problem (like moi) - try angling the hat to one side a bit - in order to create a slimmer jaw line. 

Sounds silly - but it makes a difference. ((hugs))



Gloves can add much more than warmth. They can be used as a fashion statement as well.

If you buy a pair of long" gloves to 'snazz up a formal dress - consider purchasing the extra long and stretchy gloves. Most form fitted long gloves don't make it over my larger hands and forearm. Likewise, the extended length and stretchiness creates a very femme look. 

You can add a bracelet over the top of one or both gloves if you'd like to add a splash of color or brilliance.

Leather hand gloves make a power statement - I find appealing. Try a few gloves for the feel they offer your growing fashion statements.



Pendants and brooches aren't my style par say. They tend to be seen on the elderly - and I'm old enough without that. *Laugh*

However, I buy them often for another reason you might find useful. I add them to the center of a visible bra - to add color and brilliance to certain outfits. Sometimes - I need a touch of sparkle. Other times - I seek to compliment a stray color in my ensemble. 

A pendent positioned in the center of your bra can accomplish this challenging task quite easy.

Specialty shops are great for these items - but you'll get luck & score a few dazzling numbers at Thrift stores now & then.



One thing you have to learn anew - as a gal versus a guy - is that belts
are a decorative item. As a guy, we know them as a device - to hold our pants up. *Grin* My favorites are either wide and hanging - or sleek and slender.

You'll get great ideas in this area from women's fashion magazines. Look around to get a feel for how you might use different colors and shapes.

Belts can also serve to hide or enhance common tranny challenges. For instance - a thick elastic belt situated at the very top of a skirt - will often hide a small bit of tummy - and create a more slim appearance. Likewise, try draping a wide belt - draped high over your back side while hanging down in the front. This creates an illusion of widened hips - sort of like the look of female tan lines created from a French-cut bathing suit. 

Don't discount what a belt can do for any outfit. I've had more than one number - that remained collecting dust in my closet - end up being a favorite outfit after I added that just right belt with it.

Once again, thrift stores are a killer spot to find these. However, shopping the sale racks at specialty retailers can result in stunning examples as well. 

Fetish Accessories

I sometimes enjoy wearing fetish style clothing - latex, leather, PVC, etc. I find there is nothing like the look of a real bitch to make any guy - feel like a real woman. *Smile* 

Fetish outfits are one area where going overboard with accessories - is actually considered normal. Problem is, the extras are often expensive - as Macy's - doesn't have a Mistress department. *Smile*

Fetish accessories are an area where your creativity can pay big dividends. For example: I seriously doubt Wal-Mart ever imagined their $6.00 chain belt - would be holding my Dominatrix whip. If I bought the same item at a fetish-type shop, it would have cost four-times as much.

I'm also quite sure ACE hardware had no idea I'd be using my colored chain link to hold the whip - from my Wal-Mart belt. There's no doubt the cute little check out gal at PetSmart - had no idea I was going to use that dog collar - as a thigh wrap - and as a holder for my favorite pair of handcuffs. *Grin*

I'm sure you're getting the idea. Look at accessories - everywhere you shop - for how they might make your favorite outfits more sleek and fun - affordably!

accessorizing with accessories

Accessorizing - the accessories? 

That - sounds a bit strange, huh? *Laugh* 

Trust me - it's fun.

Adding brighter buttons on a favorite jacket, pulling out the glue gun and adding rhinestone or studded trim to a pair of pants or gloves, hand stitching sequin trim to snazz a bustier, stapling bright metal trim onto a large belt...get the idea?

If you're a naturally creative type person - you've likely already tested this concept. 

I'm not - so I look for ideas while I'm shopping or scanning catalogs. Think as you shop and study women's clothing. Copy - ideas off of more clever people. Visit standard craft & fabric shops to fulfill your visions.

Could you design a look - just like that $1,000 version you see at Lord & Taylor? 

You might be surprised what you could do - if you simply try. ((hugs))

Good Luck! 

Finding Happiness a Crossdresser

Where I’m going?

I've come to understand how shallow Renee was early on - makes me feel more like a real gal every day!  LOL Looking like - and spending time as a woman - might be one of the visible results of transgenderism - but it's not what this is all about. Perfect appearance is one of those traps we must fight to stay clear  of throughout life. This whole process is really about enjoying the inner splendor of femininity and balancing this inner beauty with your male self.

Additional Chapters in This Section Include:

Understanding Transgenderism
Do You Already Know a Crossdresser?
What's Up with all these different labels?
Important Terminology in the Transgender Community
Additional Slangs and Terminology
Problems Associated with Transgender Labels
Transgender Happiness
Telling Your Friends You're Transgender
Crossdressing in Public
Making Transgender Friends
Your Evolution as a Transgender Lady
Finding Happiness in a Dress
Middle tranny syndrome

Upon reviewing Renee's own needs & wants - I saw problems. I did some research on-line, but found most good data was orientated towards gals going further with femininity than Renee planed. The rest of what I unearthed focused on how to survive - versus achieving inner happiness. I've got survival down pretty pat - I want more than that!!

From a physical beauty standpoint - I'm pretty much at the end of the line. For those of you that don't know - I'm 39 years old - and it's all down hill from here.  LOL I already feel like the prototypical 40 year old woman. This, of course, really pisses Renee off - since her feminine emotions are more like a 20 years old. She keeps blaming that guy for bringing her so late to the dance. LOL 

If you feel comfy taking the advice of a girl who is not yet even old enough to drink - read on. Just remember, I warned ya! ::))

As much as most new girls might think otherwise, it's easier being happy in the earliest stages of transgenderism than later. Why? Because your goals are so much easier to measure. For instance: learning to apply eye liner, achieving a specific weight loss target, being able to stroll through a mall in stealth - all these issues are easy to identify - if you have achieved success. 
Even gals going all the way have it easier in my opinion. Their goals continue to be fairly measurable - becoming a woman.  Achieving measurable goals (provided you really wanted them in the first place) is very rewarding - and you know when you get there. If I had intentions of living full time as a woman or becoming one - my list of measurable goals would be long enough to keep me busy for years ahead.

Ladies stuck in the middle - like Renee - are left to identify more qualitative goals for the balance of genders and a sense of inner peace and happiness. We gals are pretty much the middle children of the t-girl family. Quite frankly, I feel we've been left out of a lot of meaningful research and assistance regarding transgenderism. Never mind the fact we make up its silent majority.... (tapping my toe at researchers)

Techno t-girls

The internet is causing t-girls to start dealing with middle tranny issues at a much faster pace than ever before. Why? It's so easy to garner tips, shop online with discretion, meet others like yourself, get advice on specific challenges, name it! Only five years ago, (let alone the 50 before that) if you wanted to do more than dress in lingerie - you had a very tough time finding quality tips on transformation. Now, it's just a click away.

The result of this readily available data is that many gals go from closet crossdressers to glamour queens - in only twelve months - or less. I've witnessed this phenomenon first hand - as I've seen gals evolve through their photos on-line. The speed of improvement in their feminine appearance can be mind boggling. It's amazing.
A common axiom (with a touch of humor) from the past was: The only difference between a TV and a TS - is about five years. Of course, this running joke referred to the evolution of many gals years ago. Not anymore...The Internet is changing the evolutionary clock of gals just beginning to explore their transgendered natures in earnest. 

This growth is causing a massive increase in the number of middle child t-girls - those with fewer remaining measurable goals to achieve. Additionally, many of these techno t-girls don't possess the depth of experience that others gained by being forced to take more time in their feminine evolution. They've blown through their list of easily measured goals so rapidly, that they've not yet had the traditional time to adjust themselves to what this means to them - and their lives. I liken it to watching a movie - versus reading a novel. The former is quite enjoyable, but you miss many of the deep insights a more in depth read unearths.

As a t-girl gets better acquainted with both transitioning skills as well as confidence in her - her sexual excitement from being dressed tends to drop in a virtually inversely proportional relationship to her skill in feminization. 

Some sisters quickly become convinced they want to become a woman on a full time basis. However, many are basing their decision on a newfound euphoria from alternative gender expression - and pleasure. 

As t-girl's, we tend to grab the cream from the feminine top. We grow up without female puberty, fears of pregnancy, womanly insecurities...the list is endless. Additionally, with a part time gal like me - most of my feminine agenda consists of getting dressed up in hot clothes, going out to fun dinners, and/or hitting night clubs all night. What woman wouldn't have fun - if she did that for a living?

What we can't do is undo any of this rapidly growing this phenomenon. I believe these new age gals are the key to society better understanding and accepting transgenderism. They will most certainly make up the largest group within the transsexual community in the years ahead. The sheer number of girls, the quality of their appearance, and the myriad of high level people who dress - will be difficult for mainstream society to dismiss. I hope I'm around to see it in the years ahead.

Until the day arrives when one can express their femininity without issues, we will all have to battle some age old challenges with transgenderism. Fortunately, the equations for happiness have not changed with this growth in technology.

The seven habits of very happy t-girls

1.  Master the challenge of balance

Part of the challenge of happiness is discerning just how far you want to go with your transgenderism. Unfortunately, this tends to be a moving target. A lot of early stage girls have dreams (or at least fantasies) of becoming beautiful women. “Once they get a real taste of their femininity, they often want to go further and further. Naturally, this intensity can scare the living hell out of everyone around them. Giving an inch - and taking a mile  - takes on a very graphic representation. LOL

Keep looking for middle ground, sweetie! It will be tough - I know!! Just as quick as you steady the scales, you go and lose some weight, get some great new clothes, garner a fresh hairdo idea  - and the pressure builds up again - throwing the scales out of sync. It is certainly a lot easier to fit life's clothes - once you are fully grown than when you are sprouting like a weed - literally and figuratively. LOL
Keep trying for balance hon - it's the key to transgender happiness.

2.  Even more balance

We don't live in a vacuum - although my house could sure use such a constant cleaning force. LOL. We live with others - and our desire to explore and live with our transgenderism will tax and test our close associations. Your initial approach to explore your "hobby" has likely been to constantly push people out of town - or take trips alone - or hurry loved ones to bed - so you can get your fem time. Trouble is, you are subsequently distancing yourself from important relationships and creating a rotten barrier to communication. 

Seek balance with your transgenderism with those you love. This is certainly the toughest balance equation to achieve - but the one that will carry you the furthest in your goal of happiness. 

3.  Did i mention balance?

Sorry to harp on this point GF, but it's a lot like retail success stories. No matter how good a concept is, its bottom line is most directly tied to -  location, location & location. The same holds true in our t-happiness. Unless we are planning to pay someone $20,000 to cut off our balls (try saying that out loud without slightly wincing - LOL), we are forced to contend with the never ending process of balancing our two genders into a functional and pleasurable life. And I almost forget: there is a guy we need to talk about.

Each of us has a myriad of prerequisites necessary to keep a smile on our face every day. However, for most of us, the list of core elements that make up our smile equation is relatively short. As we grow as gals, the priority of items on our smile list rearranges - sometimes violently - as we continue our quest in this experience called life. Your man will have needs as well. As much as you might like to forget he is in there when you're wearing a dress - if you short change him - he'll make certain she is rarely happy.


If you are truly a middle tranny child like Renee,
you will have to find alternative ways to express your sense of femininity outside of wearing garters and silk. It's really not as hard as it first seems. 

Remember hon, you don't have to wear a dress to be a lovely female - just ask any real woman!

4.  Stay clear of Eden

I don't consider myself a religious person. However, I enjoy a decent sense of spirituality. I believe there is a loving power in the universe, which plays a key role in the make up of all living things. I'm equally certain there are so some bad elements at work. I'm absolutely certain of this latter statement - because they visit me so damn often. ::)) 

After much thought, I've arrived at the following conclusion. Adam was tempted by the apple. Eve was tempted by something other than Adam's apple - and ended up getting laid in the process. We t-girls start with an Adam's Apple - and a burning desire to look like Eve. Basically - we're screwed from the onset. LOL

Years ago, I saw so many dear friends ruin what could have been outstanding athletic careers with performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids. Within the transgender community, I've had to endure watching the same thing with t-girls experimenting with black market female hormones. Both provide changes in your body, both are readily available, both can have irreversible results, and both are associated with a feeling of inadequacy. There is a reason female hormones are not available over the counter - and you need not become a poster child for why this is.

Female hormone therapy serves a very useful purpose when administered under the watchful eye of experts in physiology and psychology - not street vendors. Stay clear of life's short cuts GF. The rule is simple: there ain't no free lunch!

5.  Rely on the woman

Starting your fem life as a man can be such a bitch! There is so very much to learn besides lipstick and rouge. I found talking for the sake of talking to be challenging beyond words initially. Now, I can "chat" anybody into the ground. LOL

My transgenderism has been a great source for better judgment in matters of  life. Guys tend to use the wrong tools when making key life decisions. They forget life is not a forever thing - and decide matters with their head versus their heart. Renee taught me that just being happy - is more important than acquiring things that are supposed to make me happy. I trust her opinions in this area implicitly. 

I also suspect her judgment is enhanced by not letting her opinions get as affected by her friend - a couple of feet south of her heart - plus or minus a few inches here and there. *grin*

6.  Closing the book on your sexuality

Had a few experiences yet as a woman with sex? How bout those fantasies 'sis - does it take the really intense ones to really get you over the edge? Well don't feel lonely. We're in the same boat. ::)) 

Do you remember a rather average girl in high school everybody called the slut? I now know exactly what that girl was feeling. She didn't have the great looks, she didn't have all the trappings - but she found a lever that would move the
crossdressers world - sex

Sex is without a doubt one of the most powerful forces in our universe. Anything with that much force is going to cause its share of pleasure - and pain. You can get "pleasure" from all forms of sex . However, happiness in this category is more a function of finding your real sense of sexuality. Take the time to consider each sexual opportunity in terms of if it will make you happy - versus simply provide pleasure. Those five fingers can get you there just as quick - and save 'ya a ton of potential hurt. 

As men, we tend to get obsessed with being such studs - what a f***ing waste! Practice does not make perfect in this department - as being good at sex -  is not the same as enjoying it. 

7.  Think - for yourself

A lot of what you have read here is based upon my experiences: Renee's life - and her personal equation for happiness. Although the format I've developed might serve as a decent outline for your own trip towards ecstasy, your equation is yours to discover. Discovery requires hard work, lots of dedication - and a great deal of thought. I believe one of the most underrated activities in life - is thinking. I treasure my think time. Take the time to explore that pretty little head of yours. Inside every gal is the equation for a lifetime of happiness. 

The same elements that existed on our planet that left us struggling in caves, now have us isolating electrons for use in our computers of the future. The answers to super computer conductivity were always right in front of us - it just took a lot of concerted effort to find them. All the answers for your happiness are not in your body, your waistline, or your bust - but right inside that gray mass positioned between your favorite pair of earrings - and that pounding organ about a foot south. ::))

I hope you come to love yourself more than anyone else in the world. Trust your heart and your own convictions. Take the counsel of people you respect, but never put too much credence in the so-called experts. Remember: the experts once thought the world was flat and that the moon was made of cheese. 

I'd never purposely steer a sister astray, but believe me when I say:
everything you'll read here may be wrong

Need a say more? Go get 'em girlfriend!!