This site’s broken into four primary subjects:

1. Transgender Love and Dating Guide Interested in meeting / dating / loving a transsexual female? Already in love: need answers? I provide insider tips and ideas you won’t find elsewhere.
2. Crossdresser Survival Manual including details tips and insights beginning cross dressers and more skilled part-time transgender women.
3. MTF Gender Transition Guide a comprehensive handbook for transsexuals starting or mired in a full gender transition.
4. Information about yours truly: Renee Reyes - including highlights from my life story, blog, and personal photo gallery.

Everything’s free of charge. I don’t clutter my pages with advertising. There’s no membership or registration required: you can review anonymously to your hearts content.

The content and photo imagery is original and protected by copyright except as noted. I invested hundreds of hours creating this information. If you want to use or paraphrase my information? Please do me the courtesy of asking permission or at least mentioning where you got it.

The side effects from transsexualism impacted every aspect of my existence for almost half a century. I’m forced to admit much of my lifespan is defined from being transgender. However, I’m pretty much over that! Now that I’m almost completely past trans-issues in my life? I’m busy getting on with my life. I hope by my end - my new accomplishments will turn the trans-aspect of my life journey into more of a footnote.

Other than this website, I’m almost completely disconnected from “trans-world”. My only remaining goal is to help finance important causes. We have many skilled activists and voices but few internal resources to fund their projects. If I can stay focused and accomplish my next goals? I think I can help bridge that gap.

Please feel free to share any comments you might have regarding my web site in my guestbook. I care about your ideas and would love to know your thoughts! Unfortunately, I’m rarely responsive to direct emails.

I’m just too busy…
so sorry!


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